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Family time on a Sportsman Boat.

Owner's Testimonials

The sportsman 242 open is the best boat I’ve ever owned
When My wife and I decided to upgrade from my 204fx, I came across Sportsman at my dealership. We were undecided between the 232 and 242 because of the price increase. After a quick test ride we knew the 242 would better suit the waters we frequent. The boat has exceeded all my expectations. From the craftsmanship to the performance. Not only am I glad we found sportsman but that we went for the 242! If you are undecided between the 232 and 242 I say go for the 242.
Sportsman 242 is an awesome boat. I am very pleased with the quality and the ride. Would highly recommend this boat to anyone.
We have owned 10 boats and the Sportsman 242 is the BEST! Extremely smooth ride in rough water. Steers and handles very well at higher speeds. I definitely recommend the Sportsman Boats and would buy another one.
We recently purchased a 24 Sportsman 242 Open. We live in the Tampa Bay area with great access to the Gulf, Bays and rivers. We wanted a dry boat since Tampa Bay gets choppy, as well as a boat with plenty of seating and beverage holders. After owning the boat for a month and taken it out in various conditions 6 times it has delivered on all of our checklist items. The boat handles very well in choppy waters, is a very dry boat with plenty of seating for cruising with friends.
Great boat, do not regret the purchase what so ever.
Great boat for the money. Durable, lot of features, rides great on rough water.
We were purchasing our first boat and did a lot of research into a lot of different brands. The Sportsman Open 232 checked all of our wish list boxes and we have been extremely happy with our purchase.
We looked at many other boats and decided on sportsman and couldn't be happier with our 232 open!
Based on my purchase I feel this boat meets my needs. I can fish 5 people easy granted they all know what's they are doing can handle the waves pretty good 3 to 4s
I looked at every possible boat in this class and couldn't get enough of the Sportsman 232 Open. The smooth ride, quality of fit and finish, and the included options was unparalleled.
Owner of a 232 Sportsman, have enjoyed every minute on the water.
You will not regret looking at a Sportsman Boat
For the price and what was offered this is a Great boat.
great product: well designed, constructed. a real pleasure to captain. Really had the angler, in mind w/design. Great for family use. Represented by a dealership that exudes professional- excellent service. making the buying experience easy and fun.