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Sportsman Boats’ journey began in a 20,000 sq. ft. leased space with 6 hard-working employees in 2011. Many hours went into crafting a new kind of boat company. It was never about imitating or replicating, Sportsman Boats was forged to be an innovative, forward-thinking and technologically advanced boat builder.

With so many options out there, we needed to offer something that the market was struggling to provide for our targeted customer base. The need for a true family-friendly boat was very apparent. A boat that was geared for those that love to fish, love a great-ride, crave sleek lines and most importantly, needed the comfort and safety to have your family on-board.

Achieving this task was not going to be easy. For one, starting from scratch to engineer and design boats that could stand the test of time and tame rough water, has been an age-old goal. But we knew that was the only way. Acquiring someone else’s problems was not an option. It would take an extremely talented and special group of folks to achieve that. With the expertise, dedication and care to hand-craft a high-end product that many would be proud to own for years to come.

The combination of fishing and family is not a strange one to the boating industry but it is one that no one had seemed to figure out completely. This was our goal, to build high quality boats that offered amenities the whole family could enjoy. Comfortable yet versatile layouts that provided the ability to participate in many different activities. Adhering to the highest standards of boat building practice through NMMA certification programs, something that other companies simply could not achieve. And listening to the feedback from boat owners across the country to improve every step of the way and never feel stale or dated.

By constantly innovating and pushing the boundaries, we have been able to achieve incredible things in a relatively short time. We constantly revisit areas of our boats that we feel could be improved upon and update them with the latest products, processes and technology to add even more value to our customers.

From the beginning, we knew that it would take many strategic partners to achieve our ultimate goal. These partnerships, would play an integral part on who we are today but most importantly where we are going tomorrow.

When it came time to power our boats, there was only one choice. Since the first day, Yamaha Outboard engines has been the exclusive power for all Sportsman Boats. We knew we needed to provide engines to our customers that were efficient, quiet and delivered superb power and durability. Yamaha engines are amongst the best in-class in just about every area that our customers would care about and this was key to our partnership.

Boat electronics has always been a mysterious and expensive part of purchasing a new boat. We knew this was a pain area of the boat buying process that we could heal completely. Partnering with Simrad Yachting was more than just providing a GPS on the boats as an option. If it was to truly cure the problem then crafting a full electronics suite for every single model in the lineup was the only option. Every Sportsman model includes adequate top-quality instrumentation from the factory, including thru-hull transducers, touch-screen full-color screens, top-notch navigation charts, integrated sound systems and advanced full boat integrations. The SportLink™ technology baked into every Sportsman is second to none and will become your first-mate very quickly.

We have grown very much since shipping our first hull in 2012. Today, we manufacture top-quality boats that are highly sought after for their incredible amenities. We have grown our lineup and now manufacture 2 lines of offshore boats, 2 lines of inshore boats and 2 lines of affordably-priced center consoles that provide the best value in-class.

Our Heritage and Open series are available from 21 feet to 31 feet in 11 different models. Whether you are a casual boater or a weekend warrior, there is an offshore boat ready to take you and your family to create some of the fondest memories you will have out on the water.

Our Masters and Tournament series boats are built from 20 feet to 26 feet in 6 different models. They provide the shallow water performance you crave for inshore fishing, while still providing safety and comfort for your family.

For those families that are looking to be onboard a brand-new boat at an affordable price, there is simply no other boat out there like our Island Reefs and Island Bays. The Island series of boats have quickly allowed many families to start enjoying the water. There are 4 different models to choose from, 2 offshore and 2 inshore. They still provide all the great features and amenities our premium boats are known for at a fraction of the cost.

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