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Family time on a Sportsman Boat.

Why should you choose a Sportsman Boat?

Welcome to the Sportsman family. We pride ourselves in being the fastest growing line of family-friendly center console boats in-class. Much of what we do is inspired by our families and as boaters ourselves, we recognize what makes a great family boat, ready to take you and your family on the best adventure of your life. Make memorable trips that you will treasure and daydream about for the rest of your life. Meet some great people along the way and discover why so many families enjoy the water on a weekly basis.

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Here are some reasons why so many families have chosen a Sportsman Boat

NMMA Certified

All of our boats feature NMMA certified construction for the highest standards in safety, comfort and quality.

Did you know that an NMMA Certified boat is 7 times less likely to have a safety-related recall? Safety is a top priority at Sportsman Boats and this is just one of the many steps we take in making sure that all of our boats meet and exceed safety standards. Through the yearly certification of each model in our lineup, we are able to maintain our certification. One very important thing about NMMA Certification is that it is an all or none, a manufacturer can not pick and choose what models are certified and which ones are not. Either all models are certified or none of them are.

Read all about NMMA Certification and what it means here.

Logo representing NMMA Certification.

SportLink® Electronics Integration System

All of our boats include SportLink® Electronics Integration System, a comprehensive electronics package powered by Garmin featuring large color touchscreen multi-function displays with built-in integration for high-quality audio, GPS, autopilot, radar, weather, fishfinder and so much more. We have done the leg work for you, researching the perfect mix of high quality electronic components that all work seamlessly and are able to allow you to just focus on feeling confident operating your boat in any condition. Each model has a set of electronics that complements the boat's size and typical use. The standard package is more than sufficient to get you boating right away though some additional options are available to expand your system's capabilities.

To top it all of, all the components are backed by a 3-year product warranty from their respective manufacturers. This warranty is exclusive to Sportsman Boats and is not matched in any other boat.

Find out more about SportLink® and our partners.

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Detail image of Total Access Hatch
Total Access Hatch

We recognized that poor access to the bilge was a pain point for a lot of boaters and set to change this with our designs. All of our boats have patented large fiberglass total access hatches at the rear designed for easy access to all maintenance components. They also provide additional storage space for bulky things like lifejackets, casting nets and diving gear, just to name a few.

Standard on all Sportsman Boats. Access varies from model to model.

Detail image of Ride

A great running boat is not achieved by luck, it is masterfully designed to have the required characteristics and performance that modern boaters demand. Our boats are designed with state of the art CAD software and brought to life with advanced milling routers for an absolutely flawless running surface. We choose 0-degree strake designs for a soft and dry ride. This achieves superior ride quality with unparalleled performance and fuel economy.

Our manufacturing processes ensure a high quality boat for many years to come that is dry, safe, functional and comfortable.

Detail image of Innovations Around Every Corner
Innovations Around Every Corner

All of our boats are built with advanced composite materials on modern hull designs. Innovation is at our core foundation and is a daily endeavour for us. We work hard every day to offer you a superior product that puts your family first while maintaining great fishability, offshore capability and amenities for a serious angler.


Both the boat and the dealership are great. I bought this boat based entirely on online research given that they can’t be kept In stock these days. No dealership visit to view, no sea trial, etc. The boat has met or exceeded all expectations that I had! Great product, well made, fun to be on for both the operator and the passengers. Dealer delivered to me 30 miles from dealership and did a thorough walk through both on the trailer and then In the water. Excellent buying experience
Colin A.
The ride quality is unsurpassed.
I've had the boat for 2 months and have accumulated 65 hrs on the boat already. First time boat owner. Ran the boat in the bay and open ocean several times. Performs well for me and has all the needs I want with the exception of more rod holders are needed, but thats a personal thing.