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Welcome to the Sportsman Design Studio! It's time to turn up your creativity and design the perfect color scheme for your Sportsman Boat. Before you get started, we have two groups of gelcoat colors, light and dark. The light colors are included as a standard feature on all boats except the Masters 227. Black is considered a dark hull color and has an up-charge on all boats.

Light Hull Colors


Snow White


Sea Glass Green


Storm Cloud


Ice Blue


Harbor Haze Blue


Explorer Blue

Dark Hull Color


Jet Black

Upholstery Color Options

Featuring Highly-Durable Marine Sileather® Silicone Fabrics

All Sportsman Boats feature Sileather® Marine silicone-coated fabrics. These high-performance fabrics are designed to be tough and durable and able to withstand even the harshest of conditions. Sileather® Fabrics are QUV, salt spray, stain, cold crack and hydrolysis resistant. Silicone is not affected by hydrolysis or water damage, which can be an issue with traditional polyurethane-based fabrics. Additionally, Sileather® fabrics do not contain any plasticizers, a known food for pink staining bacteria commonly found in marine vinyl.

We offer 3 color options featuring our diamond stitch accent pattern on all of our models. There's no additional charge for any upholstery color, you just choose the one that ties in your color theme the best!

Detail image of the dessert tan upholstery color
Desert Tan
Detail image of the ash gray upholstery color
Ash Gray
Detail image of the polar white upholstery color
Polar White

Metal Coating Options

A very popular option for any Sportsman Boat is the powder coated top frame. This is available as an option in all round tubing frames and is standard on all boats that feature a D-Tubing structure.

Photo of a leaning post without any powder coating.
Anodized Aluminum

Only available on the Masters 227 Frame

Photo of a leaning post powder coated in the white color.
White Powder Coating

Standard on all D-Tubing Frames &
Optional on Masters 227

Photo of a leaning post powder coated in the black color.
Black Powder Coating

Standard on all D-Tubing Frames &
Optional on Masters 227

This tool is designed to give the general idea of what a color scheme will look like. Due to variables in color calibration of different displays, we make no claim as to the accuracy of the color being represented on your display. Some models may not include all colors and certain gelcoat colors like Black are classified as "Dark Hull Upgrade" and require an additional cost. Additionally, some engine packages may only be available in certain colors. Message and data rates may apply.