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Photo of the Seakeeper system inside the bilge of a Sportsman Center Console.


Eliminate Boat Roll

Here at Sportsman Boats we have partnered with Seakeeper to provide our boat owners with maximum comfort in rough waters. Below you will find information on the Seakeeper models that go into our boats. We have taken this integration to the next level. For the models that are offered with Seakeeper, we have designed-in Seakeeper Pod. Keep in mind that while this is a designed-in feature, none of the models include this option as a standard feature.

On the models that we offer Seakeeper, we have gone through rigorous engineering to offer designed-in pods from the start. We can confidently say that we have "designed it in" and not "adapted it in." This allows every model to have a seamless fit verified to be at the optimal yielding the best performance for your Seakeeper.
We've also made it a breeze for the Seakeeper to be installed and maintained through the large Total Access Compartment.
The technology inside of the Seakeeper system is like no other. The Seakeeper uses a spinning flywheel to create gyroscopic forces that will offset the boat's side to side movement up to 95%.
This technology in turn will allow your boat to remain steady, relieve seasickness and allow for a more comfortable day on the water for you and your family.
The Seakeeper makes a big impact, with a small size. Depending on the Sportsman model that you choose, we offer the Seakeeper 1, 2 or 3.
All three models weigh less than 550 lbs but provide plenty of force for the size of the boat. This added weight has been carefully taken into account for the boat's center of gravity and performance.
"Once you feel it, you'll never boat without it."

In Action


Detail image of Seakeeper 1
Seakeeper 1
This Seakeeper brings new stabilization technology to recreational boats as small as 23 feet. The Seakeeper 1 breaks the industry standards, with a flush mount design that fits perfectly into your Sportsman Boat. This system will bring maximum comfort on board in a small package.
365 lbs.
26' to 28'
Detail image of Seakeeper 2
Seakeeper 2
The Seakeeper 3, but smaller. A 25 % lighter and 20% smaller Seakeeper to keep your Sportsman steady on the water. The Seakeeper 2 eliminates up to 95% of the boat roll so you can relax and enjoy being on the water. The Seakeeper 2 is ideal for your 30’-32’ Sportsman Boat and will fit perfectly in the designed-in Seakeeper Pod.
414 lbs.
30' to 32'
Detail image of Seakeeper 3
Seakeeper 3
The biggest "small" Seakeeper to keep your Sportsman steady on the water. This Seakeeper, designed-in to fit into your Sportsman.
550 lbs.
Photo of the gyroscope that is inside of the Seakeeper systems.

How It Works

Inside of the Seakeeper (a vacuum enclosed sphere), a steel flywheel spins at speeds up to 9,750 rpm. When the boat starts to roll, the Seakeeper tilts which makes powerful gyroscopic torque to port and starboard that will counteract the tilt and roll of the boat. Listed below are some of the main features that the Seakeeper uses to operate effectively.

1 - Vacuum Encapsulation

The vacuum container allows the Seakeeper to spin the flywheel 3x faster, reduce the weight by two-thirds and cut the power requirements in half. This also protects the device from the harsh marine environment.

2 - Active Control

The system contains a breaking system and active control smart technology that will gauge the state of the sea and react quickly to changes. You also don’t have to change any settings, the Seakeeper will do it’s job completely autonomous.

3 - Cooling System

As the heat generated in the Seakeeper climbs in the vacuum-enclosed sphere, Seakeeper uses a proprietary closed-loop cooling system, which removes the heat through a glycol/seawater combination.

Putting You In Control

The new dash display lets you control your Seakeeper with just the push of a button. Using the dedicated display is simple and easy but it also integrates into your Garmin MFD through the OneHelm app. This will also show important information for maintenance, service, hours and much more.

Photo of the gyroscope that is inside of the Seakeeper systems.