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The Open 352 redefines luxury and functionality with innovations in every corner.

Starting at the transom, 2 30-gallon aquarium livewells with tempered glass windows, dual side entry doors, removable cockpit table, large center cooler and a large flip-up bench seat. Legendary bilge access compartment with a designed-in Seakeeper pod. Leaning post features triple captain's chairs, with table storage and rear facing seating. At the helm, a blacked-out command center with up to 2 22" Garmin displays, VHF, JL Audio M6 with MVi DSP amps and storage. Inside the console, a berth for up to 2 adults and a child, porcelain toilet, sink and plenty of storage. Console front, a sculpted seat for 2 with a 65 qt. cooler. At the bow, wrap-around seating with electronically actuated table, under gunwale storage, comfortable deep seating with backrests and windlass foot controls.

Icon representing Dual Side Entry Doors

Dual Side Entry Doors

Dual designed-in side entry doors for easy dock-side access.
Icon representing Yacht Certified

Yacht Certified

Only awarded to vessels 26-feet and up, this exempts required vessel capacity limits.
Icon representing Convertible Double-Berth

Convertible Double-Berth

The convertible berth allows for wrap around seating with a table and storage.
Icon representing Offshore Hull

Offshore Hull

Offshore hull design for a safe, dry, soft and comfortable ride.
This model is ready for
Designed-In From The Start
This model was engineered to be Seakeeper-Ready from the start. Not adapted in as an afterthought.
Eliminate Boat Roll
Eliminates up to 95% of boat roll and the danger, fatigue, anxiety and seasickness that goes with it.
Small & Lightweight
Seakeeper weighs only a small fraction of the boat's displacement.
Large detail image of the Open 352 Center Console

Every detail

Designed In

Detail image of the Open 352 Center Console Detail image of the Open 352 Center Console Detail image of the Open 352 Center Console
Detail image of the Open 352 Center Console Detail image of the Open 352 Center Console
Detail image of the Open 352 Center Console Detail image of the Open 352 Center Console Detail image of the Open 352 Center Console
35' 2"
11' 2"
Draft (in)
330 gal.
Max HP
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Detail image of Built Using Vacuum Infusion

Built Using Vacuum Infusion

In this process, all of the layers of fiberglass and core laminates are laid dry on the mold. Then, the mold is put under vacuum at which point resin is let in to impregnate the layers. This ensure the optimal ratio of fiberglass to resin for a stronger but lighter part.

Detail image of Full-Grid Stringer System

Full-Grid Stringer System

Instead of the traditional stringer grid with fingers throughout, this boat has a full-grid stringer system which provides 360 degrees of support for the hull. Making it our strongest design to date.

Detail image of Premium Sileather® Marine Silicone Fabrics

Premium Sileather® Marine Silicone Fabrics

All Sportsman Boats feature Sileather® Marine silicone-coated fabrics. These high-performance fabrics are designed to be tough and durable and able to withstand even the harshest of conditions. On this model, we add our double diamond stitch for an elegant and classy look.

Offered in Desert Tan, Ash Gray and Polar White.

Detail image of Twin Pressurized 30-Gallon Aquarium Livewells

Twin Pressurized 30-Gallon Aquarium Livewells

Deep twin aquarium 30-gallon insulated pressurized livewells with glass that allows you to keep an eye on your bait. It can also double as a cooler for drinks and food.

Detail image of Raw Water Sea Chest Pump Box

Raw Water Sea Chest Pump Box

Standard on this boat is a sea chest pump box and with it comes 3 major benefits. One, it helps to remove air from the water and prevents air locks. Two, it fully submerges the raw water pumps so they never run dry allowing them to run cooler and last longer. And lastly, it simplifies the entire system as there's only one thru-hull and one place for pumps, hoses and wiring.

Detail image of Flip Up Seat With Backrest

Flip Up Seat With Backrest

When it's time to fish, the rear bench conveniently stows away to open up cockpit space and make it easier to walk around the leaning post. The seat closes inward to protect the cushion from knifes and other sharp objects.

Detail image of Transom 88-quart Cooler Box

Transom 88-quart Cooler Box

Behind the seat, a wide 88-quart cooler box perfect for drinks and tall enough to accommodate wine bottles.

Detail image of Rear Entertainment Zone

Rear Entertainment Zone

The rear deck area of the Open 352 is well thought out with amenities for both fishing and entertainment. It includes a removable fiberglass table.

Detail image of Designated Table Storage

Designated Table Storage

The large rear cockpit table has designated storage inside of the leaning post.

Detail image of Total Access Compartment Detail image of Total Access Compartment Detail image of Total Access Compartment

Total Access Compartment

Opening the large center in-floor lid, reveals the total access compartment. This best-in-class bilge access is one of our signature features and we’ve taken it to the next level with this designed-in larger opening. Seakeeper is not standard.

Detail image of Built-in Stringer Seakeeper Pod

Built-in Stringer Seakeeper Pod

Inside of the stringer, a built in Seakeeper pod is an industry-first design that allows the optional Seakeeper to be installed at the optimal position. The large access door makes installation and maintenance a breeze.

Detail image of 234-quart Insulated & Macerated In-deck Fish Boxes

234-quart Insulated & Macerated In-deck Fish Boxes

On either side of the leaning post, you will find a pair of 234-quart insulated and macerated in-deck fish boxes.

Detail image of Rear-Facing Flip-up Seat

Rear-Facing Flip-up Seat

To turn this rear seating area into a cozy entertainment zone, flip down the rear facing seat for an additional 2 person bench.

Detail image of Leaning Post Sink, Cutting Board & Cooler

Leaning Post Sink, Cutting Board & Cooler

Over the top of the leaning post, opening the lid reveals a freshwater sink with a removable cutting board insert. Under the right side, you will find a great spot for some food or to thaw baits.

Detail image of Side Entry Doors Detail image of Side Entry Doors Detail image of Side Entry Doors

Side Entry Doors

Two are certainly better than one, at least when it comes to side doors. The side entry doors are a versatile feature that will quickly become one of your favorites and you'll love the ability to board from either side. Our side entry doors are part of the hull and deck mold. We designed them in this way to guarantee that they have the necessary structural reinforcements needed. Our stringer system supports the door and a large heavy duty hinge hangs the door.

Detail image of Cockpit Bolsters

Cockpit Bolsters

For extra added comfort when fishing, the cockpit bolster cushions provide a nice soft surface to push your knees and legs into when reaching into the water or fighting a fish.

Detail image of Flush Mount Gunwale Rod Holders

Flush Mount Gunwale Rod Holders

This boat includes 6 high-quality Gemlux rod holders flush mounted on the gunwale. Outside of the obvious use of holding fishing rods, you may add any number of available 3rd party accessories designed to be mounted in a rod holder.

Detail image of Under Gunwale Rod Racks

Under Gunwale Rod Racks

Storage for 6 rods is possible with the under gunwale rod racks. Each can accommodate a full length rod and doubles as a great place to store a gaff or net.

Detail image of Port & Starboard Toe Rail

Port & Starboard Toe Rail

Located under the gunwale rod racks, the toe rail is designed as a brace point when heeling over the side of the boat to gaff or bring in a fish. You slide your toes under the bar and in conjunction with the bolster cushion, it provides a sturdy brace for your legs, even if the deck is wet or slippery.

Detail image of Triple Captains Chairs

Triple Captain's Chairs

At the helm, you will find triple captain's chairs with adjustable bolsters and armrests. These very comfortable chairs are also installed on a track to accommodate any driving preference.

Detail image of Battery Switch Panel

Battery Switch Panel

On the port side, you gain access to the battery switch panel with switches for the house, engines and additional accessories. The main breakers are also located on this panel where they can be easily reset.

Detail image of USB Plug In-Dash & 12V Receptacle

USB Plug In-Dash & 12V Receptacle

With the ever-growing demand to keep your devices charged, we include two USB plugs at the helm. The 2 included USB plugs are for charging and will keep your devices charged without interfacing with any other device. It also includes a 12 receptacle where you can plug in any cigarette-lighter style plug.

Detail image of Compass


Considered one of the Four Great Inventions, the compass remains the cornerstone of any navigation system despite our advanced digital displays. Regardless of condition, your compass provides real-time heading and when used in combination with your GPS data, it allows you to optimize fuel efficiency & improve safety. When it gets dark, there's a built-in light inside the compass for night use.

Detail image of Console Footrest w/ Pads

Console Footrest w/ Pads

The console has molded in steps to offer a place to put your feet while the boat is underway. They are topped with custom pads with the Sportsman logo.

Detail image of Edson 13” Steering Wheel With Powerknob

Edson 13” Steering Wheel With Powerknob

The perfect combination of durability, good looks and soft feel. The ComfortGrip PowerWheel features a unique rubber finger grip that provides ultimate comfort and with the ComfortGrip PowerKnob make precision turns.

Detail image of Helm Pod Storage Boxes (2)

Helm Pod Storage Boxes (2)

Under the helm pod, you will find two storage boxes built into the step providing you ample storage at the helm. The port box includes brackets to hold a fire extinguisher safely while underway.

Detail image of Anti-Fatigue Helm Pad

Anti-Fatigue Helm Pad

Feel all-day comfort with our custom anti-fatigue helm pads. You will notice a difference at the end of the day, your feet will thank you for it. Custom engraved with the Sportsman logo for that extra touch.

Detail image of Fiberglass Hard-Top w/ Built-In Lighting

Fiberglass Hard-Top w/ Built-In Lighting

One of the first things you’ll notice when you look at this model is the over-sized hard-top. This top has all of the amenities you would want built in while still maintaining an elegant and timeless design.

Detail image of Hard-Top D-tubing Frame Structure

Hard-Top D-tubing Frame Structure

The 6-legged frame swoops seamlessly from the console up to the top and the design gives it immense structural stability. The class-first D-Tubing structure is not cut and welded as typically done, but rather it is bent and extruded out of a single piece of D-Tubing.

Detail image of Rear Lumitec 18” Razor Flood Light Bar

Rear Lumitec 18” Razor Flood Light Bar

Molded-in Lumitec 18” Razor Light Bar that will flood the rear cockpit, gunwales and surrounding areas with more than 10,000 lumens, perfect for those late night and early morning fishing trips.

Detail image of Front Lumitec 18” Razor Spot Light Bar

Front Lumitec 18” Razor Spot Light Bar

At the front of the top, another molded in Lumitec 18” Razor Light Bar but this one is a spot, perfect for illuminating the way as you are coming in after a sunset cruise.

Detail image of Integrated Tempered Glass Windshield w/ Actuated Vent Detail image of Integrated Tempered Glass Windshield w/ Actuated Vent Detail image of Integrated Tempered Glass Windshield w/ Actuated Vent

Integrated Tempered Glass Windshield w/ Actuated Vent

Made out of high-quality tempered glass, the integrated windshield protects the helm of excessive wind and rain while maintaining excellent air flow. The top section opens up at the push of a button to let in cool air. The glass is extremely easy to clean and will never fade, yellow or deteriorate.

Detail image of Hard-Top Molded-In Navigation Lights

Hard-Top Molded-In Navigation Lights

When the sun goes down, molded in navigation lights can be found at the front corners of the hard-top. This location keeps them out of the way and completely unobstructed. Additionally, these Lumitec lights can dual purpose as docking lights with built in 1000 lumen white dock lights.

Detail image of Matching Hard-Top Underside Color

Matching Hard-Top Underside Color

A popular trend is to have the underside of the hard-top matched to the hull color, this adds additional appeal and ties in the color theme of the boat sides by bringing additional color to the cockpit area.

Detail image of Enclosed Head w/ Berth

Enclosed Head w/ Berth

Stepping down into the console, you are met with a spacious multi-purpose space. The interior space features headroom over 6-foot-tall and a custom wood grain floor. The berth accommodates up to 2 adults and a child and has a depth of 6 feet.

Detail image of Berth Storage

Berth Storage

Plenty of storage under the cushions with designed in boxes.

Detail image of Swiveling Removable Table

Swiveling Removable Table

When it’s time to grab a quick bite to eat, the center piece turns into a table that rotates 360 degrees for easy entry.

Detail image of Electric Porcelain Toilet w/ Discharge

Electric Porcelain Toilet w/ Discharge

Standard feature on this boat is a freshwater electric porcelain toilet with overboard discharge along with an on-board holding tank. Once the toilet flushes, it gets piped into the holding tank. From there, where legally allowed, a push of a button discharges the tank. Making this a very easy and convenient way of having a fully functional toilet on your boat.

Detail image of Pull-out Shower And Sink

Pull-out Shower And Sink

When it’s time to clean up, the pull-out shower and sink combo will get the job done.

Detail image of Additional In-Floor Vertical Rod Holders

Additional In-Floor Vertical Rod Holders

The floor has a special feature hiding in plain sight. The 5 holes on the floor are additional vertical rod holders to keep your most precious rods and reels safely stored in the lockable head.

Detail image of Large Horizontal Window w/ Curtain

Large Horizontal Window w/ Curtain

When designing this space, it was extremely important to bring in plenty of sunlight. To achieve this, a large horizontal window on the starboard side was designed in. This flush glass design allows for the largest opening. We include a curtain to block off the window when privacy is needed.

Detail image of Large Access for Electronics

Large Access for Electronics

Access for servicing the electronics is made easy with the two extra large doors. Opening it reveals a neat, clean and labeled electrical hub. This is also where the override is located for the Digital Switching System.

Detail image of Sculpted Chaise Lounge Seat

Sculpted Chaise Lounge Seat

The front of the console includes a sculpted chaise lounge seat for a comfortable and snug fit. It includes 2 cupholders at the center along with armrests and grab handles.

Detail image of Extendable Magnetic Chaise Lounge

Extendable Magnetic Chaise Lounge

The front section of the chaise lounge is installed on a rail and held in place with magnets. Pulling this cushion forward extends the chaise lounge for even more comfort.

Detail image of Console Front 65-quart Cooler

Console Front 65-quart Cooler

Lifting up this piece reveals an insulated 65-quart cooler perfect for food and drinks up front.

Detail image of Bow Layout

Bow Layout

The bow of this boat is designed with entertainment and versatility in mind. Features wrap around seating with oversized bow backrests, 2 easily accessible large insulated fish boxes, drink holders, JL Audio speakers to play your favorite tunes with remote control, USB charging plugs and molded-in under gunwale storage all the way around.

Detail image of Bow Storage

Bow Storage

Two large storage boxes at the bow will give you plenty of places to stow away your items. They are both insulated and can be used as fish boxes or coolers.

Detail image of Bow Bolsters

Bow Bolsters

The included bow bolsters on this boat serve double duty. When the bow cushion bottoms are on, they provide a soft cushion to rest your back but when the boat is set for fishing, they double as knee and leg pads when fighting a fish up front.

Detail image of Under Gunwale Wrap-around Storage

Under Gunwale Wrap-around Storage

The front bow is topped with a cap that opens up space for the storage of small items.

Detail image of Actuated Bow Sun Deck / Table Detail image of Actuated Bow Sun Deck / Table Detail image of Actuated Bow Sun Deck / Table

Actuated Bow Sun Deck / Table

A large electronically actuated table is the center piece. There are 3 main functions for this table. At the top position, it serves as a table. Lower it to the middle position and snap-in the additional cushion for the sun deck function. When not in use, lower it flush to the floor for an obstruction-free deck.

Detail image of Thru-Hull Windlass Anchor

Thru-Hull Windlass Anchor

Just push a button to retrieve your anchor in immense comfort from the helm making dropping anchor a breeze and saves your arms when it's time to move. This top-quality windlass system is installed thru-hull giving it a great clean look and comes standard with a high-grade stainless steel anchor.

Detail image of Bow Controls for Anchor

Bow Controls for Anchor

For ease of use and safety, we include foot controls at the bow for launching and retrieving your anchor, making the operation a one-man job. It also makes it very easy to see your anchor, rope and chain as it is getting reeled in. The controls have a plastic cover to prevent any unintentional button presses.

Detail image of Removable Filler Board w/ Cushion

Removable Filler Board w/ Cushion

The open bow design offers the convenience of a full walk-through to your anchor and bow but sometimes you may need some additional seating, this filler board with cushion latches securely opening up one additional seat and 2 cupholders.

Detail image of Freshwater Washdown w/ Tank

Freshwater Washdown w/ Tank

Standard with a freshwater washdown with a 35-gallon tank. Common uses include hosing down the deck, cleaning up the floor after you reel in a big fish or rinsing off yourself after a day at the sandbar. It's a great creature comfort you will quickly get accustomed to.

Detail image of Raw Water Washdown

Raw Water Washdown

With its unlimited supply, it is the perfect companion for the freshwater washdown. This system pumps outside water to a water outlet where you can screw in a regular hose.

Detail image of Underwater Lights

Underwater Lights

Built out of an anodized aluminum housing, these high quality LED underwater lights are a great feature for this model. The Lumitec underwater lights have a measured output of nearly 900 lumens, giving you plenty of blue glow behind your Sportsman. This boat comes equipped with 2 of them at the transom.

Detail image of Light Hull Color

Light Hull Color

We have two groups of colors, light and dark. A light color is included standard on this boat. You have the choice of one solid full hull color or a side and bottom color. View All Color Options

Detail image of Interior LED Lighting Package

Interior LED Lighting Package

When the sun goes down, the cockpit comes to life. The included lighting package is as beautiful as it is functional, a blue glow covers every inch of the cockpit for safety and aesthetics.

Detail image of Pull Up Cleats

Pull Up Cleats

High quality Gemlux pull-up cleats are standard throughout the boat. They offer a flush installation and very smooth operation.

Detail image of Self Bailing Cockpit

Self Bailing Cockpit

This important safety feature allows any water on the deck to drain overboard and not into the bilge area. Any water that seeps into the bilge, can only be pumped out by the bilge pump, which is slow at draining large amounts of water. All Sportsman Boats have a collector box drainage system that ties in all drains from the deck and redirects the water directly overboard without mechanical assistance.

Detail image of Grip Tex Yacht Style Non-Skid

Grip Tex Yacht Style Non-Skid

This texture is applied to the deck and step areas for a uniform random non-skid coat. This type of non-skid is not patterned and is easy to repair should it ever get chipped or damaged.

Detail image of SportTech® Advanced Fabrication Process

SportTech® Advanced Fabrication Process

Our SportTech® hulls feature a no wood, all fiberglass construction, meticulously engineered to withstand the test of time and built using advanced composite materials, resins and bonding agents. The hulls are crafted with vinyl ester resin for its ultimate weatherability and resistance to water intrusion, a 10-Year Limited Hull Warranty is standard on all Sportsman Boats.

Take a look Behind The Glass for an in-depth look at the construction of our boats.

Detail image of Yacht & NMMA Certified

Yacht & NMMA Certified

Yacht Certification means that our boats are built to the highest standards set by the American Boats & Yacht Council (ABYC) in all areas of construction. This means a safer and higher quality vessel for you and your family. This certification also means that there is no written person capacity for this boat. Learn more about the NMMA Certification process.