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Love my sportsman 252. I bought it from Erickson Marine in Sarasota Florida and could not be happier with the boat or the dealership. Boat runs great and the Dealership made sure to get me in the perfect boat for me.
- Andrew
Model Owned Open 252 Center Console
Awesome boat both for recreation and fishing. Absolutely no complaints!
- Duran
Model Owned Masters 267 Bay Boat
Really enjoy my open 212 it has been a great boat so far and will be into the future!
- Ben
Model Owned Open 212 Center Console
I have a 2017 Island Reef 17 with a 70 Yamaha. Use it for fishing and tubing the Ct river and fishing out in Long Island Sound. Very happy with the ride and quality of the boat. The live well keeps bunker alive all day and the 70 pulls a tuber with an oversized adult operator and two 13 year olds on board and sips fuel. It's a simple well made boat that is easy to operate and put away at the end of the day.
- Jan
Model Owned Island Reef 17 Center Console
My Open 212 sportsman is a great boat that accommodates my offshore and inshore fishing needs. Sportsman has built a comfortable fishing machine. The boat handles well in light to small chop (2-3 fts). The Simrad electronics have great custom abilities to find any boat owner. Storage is good but over the top, good for an offshore vessel. Wiring and maintenance hatches allow for great room and ease of work. Overall, very satisfied as a sportsman owner.
- Dustin
Model Owned Open 212 Center Console
I bought the Heritage 21 it's the first new boat I've bought in 30 plus years. I looked at plenty of boats before buying and none had the amount of standard features that Sportsman offered. The boat looks and handles great . A GREAT BUY I'm extremely pleased with my purchase.
- Michael
Model Owned Heritage 211 Center Console
I have purchased quite a few boats and I have to say this boat is outstanding!! The fit and finish is top notch as well as the ride and responsiveness of the steering. This is a dry boat which is very comfortable to operate.
- Lisa & Philip
Model Owned Open 252 Center Console
Great quality, and costumer service. We love our boat and look forward to upgrading in the future
- Herber
Model Owned Open 232 Center Console
Tommy and the sportsman crew have done an outstanding job. This boat is beyond expectations!
- Kenneth
Model Owned Open 212 Center Console
Decided to sell some Hotrods and get a boat to go fishing with my 17 year daughter we looked at a lot of boats and for the money the platinum 227 had features others didn't . I don't fish but was told by many to look at sportsman and see lots on my drives during the weekends . Every veteran fisherman that has been on my boat loves the handling and layout . Since I have never owned a boat I take there word. Lines on boat are very slick and have no issues. Would hightly recommend looking at one
- Kevin
Model Owned Masters 227 Bay Boat
Very stable ride and very fishable
- Matt
Model Owned Tournament 234 Bay Boat
I purchased the 17 Island Reef and I have never been in a boat this size that made me say "I'm in a boat that is at least 20ft." It has a really good ride, feels solid on the water and takes choppy, bumpy water better than expected, as a middle age man and avid boater, thanks for the nice smooth ride.
- Daryl
Model Owned Island Reef 17 Center Console
Wanted to buy a boat for the river and very happy we made this choice. Pleasantly surprised at how well this boat handles the chop and it’s by far a great value for the price. I have and will continue to recommend sportsman boats based on the ride, total package out the door and it's good looks.
- Pamela
Model Owned Island Reef 19 Center Console
Newly puchased boat. Have enjoyed it in both the intercoastal water way and near shore ocean. Now my only wish is I would have bought larger, but it is a great starter boat to learn with before upgrading. Have received so many compliments on the boat its crazy....
- Susan
Model Owned Heritage 211 Center Console
Best 20ft center console on the market. Very smooth and comfortable ride.
- David
Model Owned Masters 207 Bay Boat
Over the years we have purchased 8 boats. They were all purchased new since we are so fussy we could never find anything used that suited us. We are very quality and value conscious. After looking at many of the new CC boats available we found the Sportsman Heritage 211 and were very impressed with everything about the boat. And compared to others we considered it was absolutely the best value. And our Sportsman dealer was the best .
- James
Model Owned Heritage 211 Center Console
Great riding boat, loaded with electronics and great features! Twin 300's really move it along
- Brad
Model Owned Open 312 Center Console
We love everything about our new Sportsman Open 232. The handling and ride in rough conditions in the Chesapeake Bay, the seating and room, the comfortable seat cushions, storage space, and the Simrad stereo. We have had many compliments on how good our boat looks. We are glad we went with the Open 232
- Stephanie
Model Owned Open 232 Center Console
The Sportsman 211 is a great near shore boat (40 miles) and has plenty of fuel for a day of fishing. I have upgraded to the 232 Open for more fuel capacity. I live in north Florida where it is a 70 mile trip out to the ledges to fish for tuna and dolphin. The boat is a dry ride in moderate seas (3-4'). The draft on the 211 is 12" and the 232 is 14" allowing you to get in shallow if you still want to fish back water. Recommend a power pole if fishing the shallows. Outstanding Boat for the money.
- Alan
Model Owned Open 232 Center Console
This is a great boat. Very maneuverable and fast. The Dealer has been outstanding and gave us a great deal on the boat. he has been very responsive to any questions we have had. Definitely a great place to do business!! Very pleased
- Paul
Model Owned Open 232 Center Console
Great Boat in every way, fish just about everyday on it and so far it's living up to the standard.
- Michael
Model Owned Open 282 Center Console
My family and I are life long avid boaters. We carefully purchased a Sportsman 247 and love the boat. It exceeds our expectations in all departments. We use it on weekly basis for fishing as well as cruising. We get many positive comments on the boat. Would recommend sportsman boats and do.
- Wayne
Model Owned Masters 247 Bay Boat
I took the new boat on its first offshore trip Labor Day. Went 40 miles out, caught lots of fish, and the boat handled beautifully. The fit and finish on Sportsman boats is phenomenal, and the ride is especially good for a 23-ft. boat. I couldn't be more pleased. Chris, Vickie, and the team at Carolina Outboard have been a joy to work with. Very fine dealership that goes all out to make everything right for the customer. Sportsman gets 5 stars, as does the dealership.
- Stephen
Model Owned Island Reef 19 Center Console
I have owned two Sportsman's, a 207 bay boat and 247 Bay Boat. The quality is excellnt and the ride is more than excellent. It's great for fishing in skinny water and the ride and stability allows you to venture offshore for a different kind of fishing. The ride is also very dry and comfortable. I would highly recommend a Sportsman.
- William
Model Owned Masters 247 Bay Boat
Picked up a Sportsman Open 232. Great value for the price. The boat has done great so far. Has handled some rough seas in Long Island sound and has proven easy to drive and dock. Feels very stable when under way and when drift fishing. Has lots of features at a good price point. Equipped with the 200hp Yamaha which gets it on plane quickly and has great efficiency . Purchased at Boats Inc. in Niantic. You can go with these guys. They go out of their way to make sure the customer is happy.
- Kyle
Model Owned Open 232 Center Console
Excellent boat. Excellent dealer experience.
- Charles
Model Owned Heritage 231 Center Console
I crawled on and rode almost every 22-24 Bay Boat available before I actually stepped onto a Tournament 234. The moment I stepped into the cockpit, I was sold. Big inside, but skinny water ready. Layout just right. Technology and use of current features is cutting edge. And the finish...then I rode on it. And, the deal closed right then. Ride a T234, look at the features, weigh the cost. A few more bucks gets you a ton more boat. I've had 20 boats in my life. Best value I've owned!
- John
Model Owned Tournament 234 Bay Boat
Couldn't be happier with my purchase. For the price you will not find a better built and riding boat.
- Jeremy
Model Owned Island Bay 18 Bay Boat

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