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Yamaha Outboards

Reliability + Performance + Innovation

At Sportsman Boats, we are proud to offer Yamaha Outboards in an exciting partnership that brings together two industry giants in the boating and marine engine sectors. This collaboration represents a fusion of craftsmanship, innovation and a shared commitment to customer satisfaction.

Yamaha Outboards, a global leader in marine engine technology, shares our passion for excellence. Their outboard engines are renowned for their reliability, power and fuel efficiency, making them the perfect complement to our boats. Yamaha has consistently pushed the boundaries of innovation and their engines deliver the optimal performance and environmental friendliness that our customers demand.

Through our partnership with Yamaha Outboards, we have integrated their cutting-edge engine technology seamlessly into our boat designs. This synergy results in unrivaled performance, fuel efficiency and maneuverability.

Yamaha’s brand is aligned with innovation and I am delighted that Sportsman Boats has decided to work exclusively with us in building their intelligently designed center console and bay boats. They are seasoned boat builders and choose to work with the latest manufacturing techniques while producing forward-thinking designs. We look forward to sharing their success as they continue to grow.

Ben Speciale

President, Yamaha Marine Group
Logo for Yamaha Outboards in red.

Tech Talk - Learn About Yamaha Outboards

Explore our Tech Talk episodes that dive into the Yamaha product offerings.

Season 1 - Episode 7

Motor Longevity - How To Flush An Outboard Motor

In today's episode of Tech Talk, Aaron takes a few minutes to go over the steps of flushing an outboard motor. These simple steps can improve the longevity and performance of your Yamaha outboard engine, all you need is a garden hose and 10 minutes of time.

Season 1 - Episode 14

Using Your Yamaha Gauges

In this episode of Tech Talk, Sportsman Sales Rep Shaun is going over the basic functions of the Yamaha gauges built into our Sportlink® System. Each Yamaha powered boat comes with a Yamaha gauge that displays an abundance of great information about your boat and engine.

Season 1 - Episode 17

Understanding Your Yamaha Helm Master Controls

In this episode of Tech Talk, Sportsman Sales Rep Shaun is going over the basic functions of the Yamaha Helm Master built into our Sportlink® System. These optional pieces of equipment include Yamaha's Auto-Pilot, Joystick, featuring modes such as Staypoint, Fishpoint, and Driftpoint, along with Yamaha's newest binnacle controls.

Season 1 - Episode 27

Tech Talk - Why Won't My Engine Start?

In this episode of Tech Talk, Sportsman Technical Sales Rep, Chase is going over some simple reasons why your engine may not start while on the water or even at your dock. If your issues are more in depth than what we cover in this video we recommend reaching out to your local dealer or Yamaha Technical Rep. Remember to always follow rules and laws while out on the water for safe boating.

Season 1 - Episode 48

Tech Talk - Mastering Your Yamaha Speed Controller

In this episode of Tech Talk, Chase is on board the Masters 267OE and discussing how to properly use the speed control function on Yamaha's DEC Binnacle. This feature is great for trolling or selecting the perfect RPM for fuel consumption on long runs.