Eco-friendly Cleaning Tips

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Eco-friendly Cleaning Tips

Environmental concerns should always be a top priority for every boater, let's touch up on some quick tips.

April 22, 2019
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Regardless of your choice of marine cleaners you should always consider the environmental impacts. These impacts could range from as much toxicity to the degradability of the products themselves. Certain soaps require a level of dilution which can help with levels of environmental impacts.

Another factor to consider is where you wash your boat. Cleaning the boat while in water, can lead to toxins draining overboard. They key to all of this is to make sure you are using chemicals appropriate for the boat while accounting for the environmental impact.

Here are some more tips to remember:

• Rinse your boat regularly with freshwater to prevent dirt from accumulating.

• Follow the dilution recommendations on all cleaning products.

• Use an environmentally friendly boat soap for overall cleaning, then use a stronger soap/cleaner for troublesome areas, limiting the use of harsher chemicals to just tough areas.

• Minimize runoff by whipping down the troublesome area and removing as much as possible without it running off of the boat and into your plumbing.

By keeping your boat clean as much as possible, it will prevent you from having troublesome areas. This will lead to less time in maintenance and more time on the water.

If you have additional questions that you would like answered, don't hesitate to ask your local dealer or drop us a message.

Eco-friendly cleaning your Sportsman Boat.