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Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s take a moment to go over some Frequently Asked Questions.

April 1, 2019
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Often times, there are some simple questions that most first-time buyers have that are not answered. Here are the top 5 questions we get at boat shows and customer events.

Does it come with a trailer?

Sportsman Boats does not provide trailers, however, your local dealer has the ability to get a trailer for your Sportsman Boat. Each dealer is able to offer trailers that are correctly sized and fitted for your boat. Options do vary but they will walk you through all of the necessary steps to get the appropriate trailer for your trailering needs.

Does sunscreen damage boat upholstery?

In short… Yes. We do not recommend using spray sunscreen while on your boat or using the upholstery. Sunscreen can cause a yellow tint on your upholstery that is difficult to remove. But what about safely soaking in the sun on a hot summer day?! Here's our insider tip, lay a towel down over the upholstery! This way your skin is not in full contact with the upholstery.

Do I need a special license to drive a boat?

In most states the answer is no, however, in some states they do require a boating safety course. Our suggestion would be to look up your local boating laws and ask your dealer. They will be a great resource for this.

How does powder coating hold up in boats?

Great! That is, if you take care of it properly! We suggest trying to keep an eye out for hard objects hitting against the metalwork. We are talking about rings, fishing rods, knifes, coolers, heavy bags, scuba tanks, etc. Also, make sure you take extra time to wash and rinse all of your metalwork after every use. Salt and other contaminants can get inside all of the hard to reach areas of your powder coated metals and cause premature damage.

Do all of the cushions come included?

Yes! We hear this one quite often, truth is that most other boats are equipped bare bones and cushions are an option. But rest assured, our boats come fully loaded with cushions in your choice of color. Some models do have additional cushions available for purchase like a filler cushion on our Heritage 241 but your dealer can get those for you anytime.

If you have additional questions that you would like answered, don't hesitate to ask your local dealer or drop us a message.

Family on the Heritage 251 crusing down the intracoastal.