Top 5 Reasons To Boat In The Fall

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Top 5 Reasons To Boat In The Fall

Now that summer is over, let's bring in the Fall season with plenty of boating in our schedule.

November 6, 2019
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Here are 5 reasons why boating in the fall months can be better than the summer.

Cooler Weather

In the summer when temperatures reach scorching levels you can be forced to head for the hills to escape the heat. The fall months can extend your time on the water making the day that much more enjoyable.

Less Boat Traffic

With the busy summer season slowing down, the waterways are free and clear of the hundreds of boats passing through.

Boat Ramps

The ramps have died down making this a great time to practice your trailer backing skills to perfection.


The fall can lead to some of the best fishing conditions and bites of the year. The water temperatures drop causing the bite to get hot! Add the cooler weather and you can get a full day of fishing in without getting overheated.

Fuel prices

In the fall, fuel prices can be reduced in some areas. This can be a great reason to get some hours on the water.

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