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Owner's Testimonials

Great 20ft class boat! Well built all the way from the hull to the final touches with friction hinges. Tons of storage. Very pleased!
After 6 months of looking at every brand of bay boats, i decided on a Sportsman 207 masters. It just seemed like the best choice for an all around good bay boat pick. I mainly run it up the river, lakes, and inshore.
I could write all night but I'll just say i love my boat. It is so much easier to drive than my previous one. my dealer in new smyrna beach was the best buy I've done and I've bought a lot of cars and trucks to tractors etc. My sportsman is just the right fit for me and my family. I was actually pointed to a Sportsman by a friend who sells another brand. can't beat that!!!!
Couldn’t be happier with the boat. Great design, handles well and excellent dealer !
I am very impressed with the hull design. It cuts the chop perfectly. Keep up the good work. I absolutely love this boat.
Overton & Marianna
You won’t find a better boat with the fit and finish and quality for the price.
Superior quality boat compared to other manufacturers in it’s class/price range.
The Sportsman center console boats deliver a great ride and performance and value.
Very happy with the purchase of my new Sportsman Heritage 251. You can fish or take the family out for a cruise and look great doing it! The ride is smooth and dry, and plenty of room to fish. The Yamaha motor will get you on plane fast and the electronic steering is a breeze. I am looking forward to many years of enjoying this boat.... unless I upgrade to a larger Sportsman.
Great boat, Dry, safe for the kids, and plenty of capacity.
We could not be more pleased with the purchase of our new Sportsman. We looked at nearly every boat in the 21-23 foot range over the course of a year before purchasing the 231 Heritage. The fit, finish, ride, and included equipment far surpassed the rest of the manufacturers we looked at.
Michael & Emily
I love my 231 platinum, I have a great local dealer and I could not ask for more for the money.
My father bought a 231 in 2015.i was sold the day we were cruising 25 to 30mph headwind in a tight 3 foot chop, dry as a bone and able to hold a conversation.We both fell in love with the boat, it packs tons and tons of qualities for fishing yet still a comfortable cruiser for the whole family. In turn I talked my wife into one, a 2018 231 heritage, and it will probably be the last boat I will buy ever. Perfect for the Chesapeake, the family loves it and it will get me anywhere I want.
looks great, excellent quality and ride
High quality at a fair price. Very smooth ride.
Shane & Jean