How To Use Onboard Head

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How To Use Onboard Head

We've all seen them, maybe we've bought a boat and have one. In this episode of Tech Talk we are going to give you a full rundown of how to operate the onboard head (toilet) on your boat.

November 15, 2023
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Chase Schelble
Technical Sales Representative

Family amenities are becoming more and more popular on center console boats, these aren't just bare bones fishing machines anymore. Modern technology has allowed the luxury amenities to be added to smaller center console boats. One of those amenities you can find throughout our lineup is an onboard head or macerating toilet. This may not be the most glamorous amenity to discuss but it is a great feature to have for the family when spending a day on the water.

This not so glamorous amenity may seem fairly easy to use and while it is, there are several steps you must take in order to use it that you don't have to do at home.

Ensure Fresh Water Pump Is On

Unlike your toilet at home, freshwater is not constantly on and flowing to the toilet. On average each boat has roughly 10-20 gallons of freshwater on board and it's only pumping when turned on, so your onboard head does not have a continuous flow of water but instead has to be filled. The first step before you or someone onboard needs to use the restroom is to make sure your fresh water pump is turned on. This step ensures you have the necessary water supply for your macerating toilet to function properly. Freshwater pump controls can be found on the dash at your digital switching panel.

Locating the Control Panel

Once inside of the console you'll notice a distinctive black acrylic panel. This is where you'll control your macerating toilet. The buttons control your fill and the flush of the toilet.

Filling the Fresh Water Tank

To use the bathroom, you'll want to fill the fresh water tank. Simply press the rocker switch in the upright position. This action fills the head with water, making it ready for use.

Using the Restroom

Now that the water is in the head, anyone can use the restroom. It's a simple and convenient process.

Emptying the Waste

After use, it's time to take care of the waste. Press the bottom part of the rocker switch to macerate the waste and send it to a holding tank. This step ensures a clean and efficient disposal process.

Overboard Discharge (If Regulations Allow)

If you're out at sea and within the proper regulations, you can simply turn the key to initiate an overboard discharge. This macerates the waste and sends it overboard, ensuring it doesn't accumulate on your boat. However, it's crucial to note that these regulations might vary depending on your location. If you're not within the proper regulations for overboard discharge, you'll need to visit your local marina. They can assist you by pumping out the waste via your waste outlet, which is typically located under the front table or under your front console seat, depending on your boat's model.

With more and more people getting out on the water and bringing their families the industry has made a big change toward adding family features to every boat. The overboard head may seem complicated but it doesn't need to be and can be a great way to help everyone stay much more comfortable on the water for longer periods of time.