A Beginner's Guide to Outriggers

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A Beginner's Guide to Outriggers

The question of why you need outriggers is often asked. Diving into more detail we can share just why you'd want to put a great set of outriggers on your boat to help your chances of catching fish.

January 23, 2024
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Michael Cheser
Content Marketing Supervisor

You've seen them on boats, maybe you've even considered adding them as an option on your upcoming boat order, but do you really need them? Outriggers serve a very important purpose in a very particular style of fishing. If you're going to head offshore and troll for fish like mahi, wahoo, tuna, sailfish or even blue marlin you're probably going to want some sort of outrigger.

So, why even bother with outriggers? It's pretty straightforward. Outriggers significantly enhance your fishing experience by widening the spread of your bait. Picture this: fish aren't the keenest critics; they see activity around your boat and think it's mealtime. Outriggers act like fishing line carriers, making your bait more visible and increasing the likelihood of a successful catch.

The primary goal of outriggers is to create a wider spread for your bait. By doing so, you make your bait an easy target for predators. Fish aren't overly discerning; they're drawn to the commotion and perceive it as an opportunity to grab a quick meal. Outriggers play a crucial role in dispersing your bait, presenting it as an easy and attractive target for those hungry predators. Fish have a specific area, known as the "strike zone," where they evaluate potential prey. By using outriggers, you extend this strike zone, giving your bait more visibility and increasing its chances of being noticed. It's a simple yet effective strategy to attract more fish and improve your overall fishing success.

Using outriggers like the Taco Marine Outriggers give you the ability to amplify the spread of your bait, making it more appealing to fish. Whether you're a seasoned angler or a novice, incorporating outriggers into your fishing routine can significantly boost your chances of catching some great tasting fish.