Is Bigger Always Better?

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Is Bigger Always Better?

A question that's asked a lot in the marine industry, should I get a bigger boat? Regional Sales Manager Daniel Robinson gives his opinion on the age old question, is bigger always better? All while comparing his favorite series, the Masters Series 247 and 267 Bay Boats.

January 15, 2024
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Daniel Robinson
Regional Sales Manager - Gulf Coast

This is an age-old question applied to just about everything in life. Whether you are shopping for a new boat or planning to do your grocery shopping for a week at a big box store, there are many things to which you can apply this question. When you are looking for a new boat, how do you know which size is the best for you and your family?

One of the perks of my job is that I get to talk to many different people through local boat shows, dealership events, and demo days. One of the most common questions I get when speaking with prospective customers at shows and dealership events is what the main difference is between some of our models. The good news is that you can't go wrong with any of our models, as they all feature the same construction process and warranty, along with high-end industry-proven hardware, Sileather fabrics, and industry partners such as Garmin and Seakeeper, to name a few.

Photo of Daniel fishing on masters 267.

When helping customers look for a new boat, I always work on asking questions that help determine what the primary use for their boat will be. Is the customer primarily interested in fishing, cruising, family use, etc.? I like to use the 80-20 rule to help make the decision easier for the customer when working through which boat will be best for them and their boating needs. Will it be 80% fishing, or 80% family and cruising?

We designed the Masters series to be the best in class when it comes to features, ride quality, and overall performance. When comparing the Masters 247 to the Masters 267, it may become confusing, as on the surface, they do look similar with the integrated D tubing hardtop with hard glass enclosure, shear line design, and overall interior layout. The differences only begin to appear once we really dig into each model’s specifications. At first glance, the largest difference is, of course, the size. At 26’7”, the Masters 267 is Yacht Certified and boasts two folding seats in the transom. Our Masters 247 comes in at 24’4” and features one folding seat in the transom. Both models feature our best-in-class total access hatches.

picture of masters 267 rear deck.
Masters 267
picture of masters 247 rear deck.
Masters 247
Starting at the bow of the two models, customers will find almost identical bow casting platforms; however, the 267 has the added bonus of a 14-gallon livewell with a pro-air bubbler system to ensure the pitch baits are always fresh. The 267 features three more livewells in addition to the one placed at the bow: two 21-gallon livewells on the port and starboard sides, as well as a recirculating 35-gallon livewell located in the center of the transom casting deck. Our Masters 247 includes two 25-gallon aquarium livewells on the port and starboard sides in the transom, in addition to a 17-gallon livewell at the front seat of the console. As an avid fisherman myself, you can never have too many livewells!
picture of masters 267 bow.
Masters 267
picture of masters 247 bow.
Masters 247
Moving back towards the console and leaning post, the 247 features a Premium Dual Chair Powder Coated Leaning Post with flip-up bolsters and armrests. The 267 has a Premium Fiberglass Leaning Post with Dual Premium Chairs that features swiveling and sliding bases. The 267 Leaning Post also has what we like to call “Sandbar Mode,” allowing customers to swivel both premium chairs around; this allows for an unobstructed view at the sandbar. Bonus: the standard 65-quart Yeti cooler can also double as a footrest for maximum comfort.
picture of masters 267 leaning post.
Masters 267
picture of masters 247 leaning post.
Masters 247
Our Masters 247 comes equipped with a standard Garmin Apollo RA670 sound system. The Masters 267 features an upgraded sound system: the Garmin Apollo RA770. The Garmin Apollo RA770 comes with the Garmin Signature series speakers along with additional amplifiers and subwoofers. Don’t worry; there is an option on the 247 to match the 267 if additional speaker performance is what you're after.
Photo of Garmin Fusion® RA770 head unit. Garmin Fusion® RA770 Head Unit
Let’s get up and go! Our Masters 267 has a horsepower rating of 450, and our Masters 247 has a horsepower rating of 400. As customers are continuing to use our boats as “SUVs on the water” for various recreational activities, fuel tank capacity remains at the top of mind. Our Masters 247 holds 71 gallons of fuel, and our Masters 267 has a fuel tank capacity of 121 gallons. Rest assured that no matter which model you choose, our Masters series can get you to and from your destination with these substantial tanks. Our Masters series continues to lead the way when it comes to Bay boat performance, and as of 2024, Seakeeper Ride comes standard on both of these models, further enhancing and emboldening the Sportsman experience! Our website continues to serve as a considerable resource for customers searching for clarity on which model may fit their needs best. If you are in the market for a Sportsman boat, please reach out to your local dealer for additional guidance and information to help streamline your boat shopping experience. We truly live our lives on the water and can’t wait to see you out there!

Tight lines and following seas!

Masters 267 Walkthrough
Masters 247 Walkthrough