Sportsman's Masters Series Gets A Fancy Upgrade

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Sportsman's Masters Series Gets A Fancy Upgrade

Every year new product is hitting the market. At Sportsman we are constantly staying on top of new innovations looking to keep our product as up to date as possible.

August 15, 2023
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Michael Cheser
Content Marketing Supervisor

The most relevant companies in their sector stay on top by continuous improvement, technological upgrades and modern designs. Companies like Apple keep you coming back each year excited for the latest improvement and advancements in all of their technology, most noticeably the iPhone. Each year you wonder what could have changed to make the best selling phone even better and each year there's something on the spec list that has you heading to the local Apple Store or phone retailer, trading in your old phone and upgrading to the newest technology. There's several companies that we can think of that do this, Apple just happens to be the most prominent and probably the one we use the most. When looking toward the future of boat manufacturing we think in a similar fashion, what can make an already great boat even better? For model year 2024 we're thinking, what make the best selling bay boat better yet the best selling line of bay boats even better?

The Masters Series of Bay Boats is sporting a fancy upgrade that everyone's going to love. Whether you're a seasoned boater or someone who's just taken delivery of their very first boat. This upgrade is going to make life on the water much safer and more enjoyable. About a year ago we help facilitate the launch of Seakeeper Ride by partnering with Ride and building a few demo boats and racking up well over 200 hours on each. This product testing changed the way we look at running a boat. The Ride system helps plane the boat faster, level the boat in rougher water, keep the bow from slamming when running through larger swell, it helped fuel economy in specific conditions and most importantly made handling a boat much easier which increased the comfortability of each model tested.

We quickly fell in love with Seakeeper Ride and knew our customers would too and this is where we decided it's time to design this into everything we can. The first boats to start were the Masters 247 and Masters 247OE. We needed to redesign the hull, build new molds, and pocket the Ride system for the best performance. Next we moved through several other models including the Masters 267 and Masters 267OE. This design quickly enhanced the already great ride of these models and we know it's only going to further enhance their sales as well, keeping the Masters Series in it's spot as the best selling bay boat series in class.

Along with Seakeeper Ride we wanted to further upgrade the Masters 247 and 247OE which is where we introduced the Maretron MPower® Digital Switching System. This digital switching system gives you control through your Garmin MFD, a custom Sportsman Keypad, and through a fuse redundancy panel within the electronics hub located inside of your console. This system brings more modern technology to your boat, provides safer operation and a much cleaner look to the dash.

Lastly, like every Sportsman Model the Masters Series now has an upgraded stereo experience with the All-New SportTuun® System. This system is a full Garmin Fusion® system with a signature DSP experience. It features a Garmin Fusion® head unit, subs, amps and Fusion® speakers that are all tuned to our SportTuun® System requirements to deliver you high quality audio on the water.

We are continuously monitoring what our customers want and what is breaking barriers in the market, and we move forward using that information and new technology to improve each and every boat we build. These advancements keep our boats relevant and at the top of each and every design aspect. Our goal is to keep improving for our customers so they always have the latest and greatest features, amenities and safety standards in the marine industry.