Tech Talk - How To Clean Your Trailer and Why

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Tech Talk - How To Clean Your Trailer and Why

In today's Tech Talk, Chase teaches the importance of cleaning your boats trailer.

November 28, 2023
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Jordan LoNigro
Video Producer / Content Creator

Trailer maintenance is important and can be easily forgotten about. We tend to focus on cleaning the boat after it leaves a saltwater environment, but we forget about the trailer that also got dunked into saltwater. If you put the boat in and leave the trailer sitting for 8 hours while on the water that’s a good period of time where corrosion can begin setting in. However, we’ve got a quick and easy way to prevent this that will take you maybe five extra minutes at the boat ramp.

Cleaning Your Trailer

First, you will want to find yourself a handy pump up sprayer. Once you've done that, fill the sprayer bottle with about 50% water and 50% salt-away solution. These products can be found at your local hardware stores or available online, and are fairly inexpensive.

After giving the bottle a few quick priming pumps, you are ready to spray the trailer down. Start with spraying over the entire surface area of the rims of your tires. Make sure to get the lug nuts, and cover the surface thoroughly. Most importantly, make sure to spray your brake calipers, brake pads and all over your rotor. This is going to eat all the salt composites away that may have been building up, protecting it from rust. Repeat this process over your whole trailer!

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Maintaining a Rust-Free Trailer

We recommend taking less than 5 minutes and performing this quick rinse down each time you bring your trailer in and out of the water. Even just going in and out of the water one time, salt will begin to eat away at your components and can quickly cause rust or corrosion. So this is a good technique in helping your trailer stay in tip-top working condition.

And that's it. Like I said - simple! Cleaning your trailer doesn't need to be complicated, but it is very important. So make sure to grab that spray bottle and give it a good rinse down from time to time. You will be thankful.