Tech Talk - Nav Light Operation & When To Use Them

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Tech Talk - Nav Light Operation & When To Use Them

Navigation lights are mandatory pieces of equipment for boating after daylight hours. We are taking a quick look at how these lights work on your Sportsman Boat.

March 12, 2024
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Today we're diving into the world of navigation lights for boats. It might seem like a simple topic, but trust me, it's something that often slips under the radar when you're out on the water.

We know that cars have headlights, right? Well, boats have their own version – nav lights. These lights play a crucial role in helping boaters navigate safely, especially during low-light conditions. So, let's break it down.

On a boat, you'll find a green light on the starboard (right) side and a red light on the port (left) side. Think of them as the traffic signals of the water. Additionally, there's a white all-around light at the rear of the boat. This setup is like a language of lights, providing information to other boaters about your boats direction and movement.

For instance, if you're heading offshore, you'll have the red light on your port side and the green light on your starboard side. Spot someone with a red light on their port side? They're headed towards you. If it's green, they're going the same way you are. It's like having your own secret code to decipher on the water.

Now, here's a crucial tip: It's not just about looking cool with these lights; it's the law! You're required to have your navigation lights on from sunset to sunrise. So, don't forget to flip that switch when the sun starts to dip if you want to avoid getting stopped by the marine patrol.

Lastly, if you're anchored or moored and not moving, switch to just the white all-around light. Remember, the switch is two-way. Click it once for nav lights – red, green, and white. Click it again for anchor mode, with only the white light.

Hope you enjoyed these few pointers on the importance of nav lights.

Until next time!