Tech Talk - Operating Sportsman Bay Boat Livewells

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Tech Talk - Operating Sportsman Bay Boat Livewells

In this episode of Tech Talk, Sportsman Technical Sales Rep, Chase is giving us a full walkthrough of the livewell system on the Masters 247 and how to operate it.

October 10, 2023
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Michael Cheser
Video Producer / Content Creator

One of the most important parts about a day fishing is what bait you're going to use and where you're going to get it. If you're like us here in Charleston, we use live bait for the vast majority of our inshore fishing. What this means is we have to have the correct livewell set up and have them operating perfectly all day, otherwise we may not be as successful as we hoped for. The Masters Series has a great livewell system and they're extremely easy to operate, you just need to set it up for the specific bait you're using.

In the back of the boat, we have our two livewells. On the starboard side, you'll find a livewell primarily designed to keep bait happy and healthy throughout the day. It's equipped with a ProAir system and a recirculating pump. On the port side, we have a standard release well with a recirculating pump.

Here are the steps to properly operate these live wells:

1) Plug the Drain: Start by plugging the drain of your livewell to prevent water from escaping.

2) Check the Fill: Ensure that the fill on the livewell is open.

3) Turn on the Pump: Head to the dashboard and activate the pump.

4) Adjust Water Level: As the livewell fills, you have two options. For larger baits like mullet or minnows, let it fill all the way to the top. For smaller baits like finger mullet or mud minnows, maintain the water level at the overflow. You can adjust the valve to achieve this.

5) ProAir or Recirculator Pump: Once you've set the water level, you can turn on the ProAir or recirculator pump for your specific needs.

Exploring the Components

• ProAir System: The ProAir system pumps fresh air into the water, ensuring that your baits receive clean and crisp air throughout your fishing day.

• Recirculating Pump: This pump continuously circulates clean water through the livewell without the need for the reliable pump. This prevents baits from sitting in stagnant water.

Release-Style Well

On the port side, you'll find a release-style well. Plug it, kick on the livewell, and let it fill to the overflow. Leave the pump on throughout the day to ensure your baits enjoy a constant flow of clean water.

Easy Control at the Helm

All the controls for your livewells are conveniently located at the helm. The newly integrated Maretron Empower digital switching system provides full control of all your switches digitally through the touchpad. You'll find buttons to control your livewell pumps, power the ProAir, and toggle the recirculating pump on and off.

The livewell system on the Masters Series is a great system for anglers providing a lot of versatility and a stylish look. For any questions about your livewell system please reach out to use at and we'd love to help.