Tech Talk - Seakeeper Ride + Gyro

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Tech Talk - Seakeeper Ride + Gyro

In this episode of Tech Talk, Sportsman Technical Sales Rep, Chase is going over how to use your Seakeeper Ride system at the same time as your Seakeeper Gyro.

November 7, 2023
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Jordan LoNigro
Video Producer / Content Creator

Mastering Stabilization

The Sportsman Open 262 has become a game-changer by offering both the Seakeeper Ride and the Seakeeper Gyro systems both in a single model. Utilizing the power of Seakeeper Ride and the Seakeeper Gyro in unison are extraordinary for having a stable and safe boating day out on the water.

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Seakeeper Ride: Replacing Trim Tabs

This innovative technology offered from the Seakeeper Ride simplifies your boat's stabilization by replacing traditional trim tabs. The remarkable thing about Seakeeper Ride is that it takes up no additional space in your boat and stabilizes it effectively while you're underway. It's all about making your boating experience safer and more enjoyable. If you'd like an in-depth look at how Seakeeper Ride works, you can find more information on our Seakeeper Ride page.

Seakeeper Gyro

The Seakeeper Gyro is the original device that Seakeeper introduced. It's a well-known choice for those who enjoy offshore trolling at slow speeds or engaging in stationary bottom fishing. This system has been a game-changer for many boaters, providing stability in otherwise challenging conditions.

Compatibility and Recommendations

The Seakeeper Ride system is available in a wide range of Sportsman boat models, ensuring that many boaters can benefit from this technology. On the other hand, the Seakeeper Gyro is an excellent option for the Open Series models, starting at 26-feet with our 262 all the way up to our 352.

For the Open 262, we find the Seakeeper 1 housed within the leaning post, offering an elegant and space-saving solution. This setup differs from the Seakeeper Ride system, which is recessed into the transom with a pocketed design for optimal performance.

As a standard practice, Seakeeper recommends using both systems simultaneously while on the water for the best performance. However, you can also use the systems independently of each other. There is a common misconception that running the Seakeeper Gyro while underway might be harmful, but Seakeeper themselves assure us, "Turn it on and leave it on; it will not affect you negatively while running at high speeds and up on plane."

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Operating Both Systems Together

To use both Seakeeper Ride and Seakeeper Gyro together, follow these simple steps:

1. Head to your Garmin MFD.

2. Press the home button and select the Vessel tab.

3. You'll find a Seakeeper icon as well as a Seakeeper Ride icon. Let's begin with the Seakeeper Gyro. Note: The first time you access the Seakeeper Gyro, it will need some time to spool up, usually taking 30 to 45 minutes, depending on the model.

4. Once it's spooled, you can press the power button, turn it on, select the stabilizer switch, and it will engage.

5. For Seakeeper Ride and Seakeeper Gyro together, Seakeeper has cleverly combined both menus into one. By selecting the "Ride" tab in the lower right corner, you can seamlessly switch to the SeaKeeper Ride system.

Seakeeper Ride is simpler to operate. As soon as you turn the boat's key, it's powered up and ready to go. There's no need for spooling or additional setup time. It's a hassle-free experience, allowing you to embark on a great day of boating instantly.

With both systems powered on and your Seakeeper Gyro fully spooled up, you're now ready for an exceptionally stable boating experience. The combination of Seakeeper Ride and Seakeeper Gyro will make your time on the water smoother and more enjoyable than ever.