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Safe Boating

As the weather warms up and the boats come out, its important to remember to be safe on the water. Read this blog post to make sure you're ready to enjoy the water, safely.

May 17, 2023
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Abbie Skeen
Marketing Coordinator

As the weather warms up and the boats come out, its important to remember to be safe on the water! Safe boating is something that is usually put as a second priority when you're having fun on the water. Making sure you're being safe will keep you on the water longer and make sure you get home safe. Here is a few tips to make sure you keep safe on the water.

Have Safety Gear

Similar to wearing a seatbelt while driving a car, it is important to wear suitable safety equipment while boating. It is necessary to have available and correctly fitted life jackets for all passengers on board. Also, carrying additional safety equipment like fire extinguishers, whistles, and distress signals is essential, along with being knowledgeable about their effective usage.

Preform Regular Maintenance Checks

Before hitting the water, make sure you conduct your regular maintenance checks on your boat. Inspect the hull, engine, and other mechanical components to make sure they are in good working order. Pay close attention to fuel and electrical systems, steering, and navigation lights. Regular maintenance not only prevents breakdowns but also helps you identify issues before they become serious problems. If issues arise, call your dealer and make a plan to get the issue resolved before getting on the water.

Check the Weather and Tides

Always check the weather forecast before getting on the boat. Quick storms and weather conditions can pose risks to boaters. Be prepared to change your plans or cancel your trip if bad weather is expected. If you're already on the water and notice weather conditions changing negatively make sure you have a plan to get back to the dock, safely.

Follow Navigation Rules

Boating involves sharing the waterways with other vessels, and adhering to navigation rules is essential to prevent accidents. Learn your local buoy systems, channel markers, and navigational signals. Keep a safe distance from other boats, maintain a reasonable speed, and always yield the right of way as required by the rules of navigation. Check out our Tech Talk about navigation if you need a refresher!

Be smart!

Make sure you're using your common boater knowledge and prior experiences to keep yourself and passengers safe. Inform your passengers, who may not be seasoned in the boating life, on the correct ways to stay safe on the boat. Making sure they're aware of the locations of life vests, dangers such as props and other moving parts, and how to be a good passenger! Also, be a good captain! Make sure your passengers feel safe and be aware of your surroundings while on the water. Here are a few Tech Talks to get you up to speed on proper boating safety!