How thick is gelcoat on a boat?

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How thick is gelcoat on a boat?

Sportsman Boats answers the frequently asked questions including how Sportsman applies the gelcoat layer and how thick it is.

November 19, 2021
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The outside layer component of a boat is called gelcoat which is a pigmented layer of resin. Gelcoat is one single tough layer. This allows it to be sanded and buffed throughout its life to bring back the original finish.

Image of Sportsman Boats employee testing the thickness of sprayed gelcoat using a mill gauge.

Once the gelcoat has been sprayed on the mold, to ensure proper thickness and consistency, a quality technician takes measurements using a mill gauge. This is a small metal tool that allows our team to measure the thickness of the gelcoat. Proper thickness of gelcoat is key. Improper thickness can cause gelcoat to be translucent or brittle. The results are closely recorded using a tablet at each of the quality stations.

Each boat will have a different level of necessary thickness, but rest assured, our team of qualified engineers and technicians ensure each boat is built correctly and safely so you and your family can enjoy your peace of mind and time while out on the water.

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Information pulled from Building A Boat Hull The Sportsman Way - Sportsman's "Behind The Glass" (Season 1 - Episode 1) and the Sportsman Boats website.