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Owner's Testimonials

After putting 30 hours on my Open 282 I could not be happier. From the way she looks In the water to the Incredible acceleration from the twin Yamaha 300. I get tons of compliments everywhere I go.
Mike R.
Our first new boat for our retirement Is an Open 282 from Sportsman. This dealer made life so easy fir us to purchase this boat. Sportsman delivered a great boat. Great buying experience and the boat handles the water In and out If the Gulf and bays like a champ. A smooth dry ride and even In choppy water you can find the correct speed to run safe, fast and dry. Best value boat out there for fishing, boating, safety and fun.
Richard J.
Great boat
Jeffrey F.
Overall very pleased with the Sportsman craftsmanship and quality. Great value for the Investment.
Andrew B.
We love our 282 Open....a fantastic all around boat!
William M.
It Is rare to see value and quality In the same sentence, however, Sportsman has managed this with their products. Sportsman boats have great fit and finished mostly found on more expensive boats. Fiberglass and upholstery work Is top notch, add their Integration of the electronics system and these boats are the perfect package coming out of the factory. We've had our 282 for a year and It's been about fun and family time... so for an encore we ordered a 302!!
David M.
I looked at many boats before deciding on Sportsman. I waited four years to purchase a 282 Open and I am so happy I did!
Fernando L.
Best boat ever
Robert N.
This boat has far exceeded my expectations for handling and comfort. Everything Is very well thought through. Had some simple Issues after taking delivery and my dealer took care of them Immediately. The engine performance Is great and fuel usage Is good for a boat of this size. I am extremely satisfied with my purchase and love my boat.
Rock R.
Our family Is thrilled to have our second Sportsman!! It Is the best all around family fishing boat on the market IMO. 10 years of owning a Sportsman with many more to come!!
David D.
Very pleased with our new Sportsman Open 282. It Is everything we expected and more.
Nicholas M.
I truly love this boat
Terrence S.
Took delivery of my 282 Open 2021. It’s awesome. Loaded and performs wonderfully. Can’t beat the performance, standard features that Sportsman offers In Its boats.
Christopher H.
Very happy with my new 282 Open.
Frank T.
We recently purchased a 282 TE with 300 Yamaha’s. What drew us to Sportsman Is how Inclusive the options are for the price. The components are top notch. We sea trialed the boat and the handling sealed the deal for us.
Greg C.