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Owner's Testimonials

My new 232 looks amazing and performs well. I love all the features and am looking forward to using It as much as I can.
Kevin S.
Handles rough water like a dream. Completely reliable In all weather. Stability of the boat Is extremely well.
Troy D.
We love our Sportsman Open 232. Well made boat that you can see the quality of the work In the wiring and all finished areas. Make a great fishing boat or day out with the family.
Joseph T.
What a great boat can't wait to go bigger In a few years. It will be another Sportsman!
Brian A.
Sportsman has satisfied my every need. The Seakeeper Ride helps take the stress out of traditional trim tabs (Cruising comfortably @ 33 MPH In 2-3 foot seas). This boat Is superior to all other brands In Its class, especially the ones still using a 6-inch pie high to access an inaccessible bilge (Your technician will thank you!).
William L.
The boat handles very well ,maneuverability Is great!
Austin R.
I bought the 262 Open and It’s very stable on the water In rough and calm seas. I usually fish offshore and also do recreational with the family. It’s a great all around boat. The features and quality are top notch. I would recommend It to anyone. Thanks for building a great boat at a reasonable cost
Sean A.
Absolutely love our new boat. Thank you!
Anthony S.
Great boat, has everything you are looking for In a boat.
Patricia R.
Purchased our 2020 Sportsman Open 282 with twin 300 and we are VERY happy with the boat. Great boat for day cruising, entertaining, fishing and general recreation. Boat handles excellent and provides a very solid and dry ride.
Joseph B.
Fishing, cruising fast, cruising slow, barrier Island exploring, swimming, tubing, restaurant hopping, sunset cruise, and dinner cruises. This boat works well for everything we do.
Andrew B.
Traded our 2017 232 Open for a 2020 282 Open and It Is fantastic.
Daniel M.
I'm very happy w/ the purchase of Sportsman. It Is exactly what I was looking for In regards to entertainment and another boating activities.
David M.
After owning several brands of boats In the past, Sportsman Is giving the Industry a run for Its money. Initial quality, fit and finish, and overall performance of the boat Is on par with top tier manufacturers at a more competitive price point. We purchased a 282 Open and this vessel Is an Incredible value for anything we want to do... fishing, cruising, family outings, Its capable of all without sacrificing comfort and performance. Way to go Sportsman!
Daniel B.
We searched and did a lot of research on products before making our purchase of a Sportsman Boat and we couldn't be happier. The quality and value behind the Sportsman brand has proven to us that we made the right choice!
Fernando L.