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Owner's Testimonials

Enjoy my 232 Open and believe It will give my family many years of pleasure.
Brian A.
I appreciated the fit, finish, safety, and performance of our 2022 Sportsman Open 232. It's the best all around boat and does not disappoint In rough seas or a day at the sandbar. Keep of the great work Sportsman.
Michael S.
It will be the best boat you will ever own. I get compliments all the time regarding the look of my 23' Open Series offshore boat. It handles extremely well In both rough water as well as while docking. I would recommend this boat to anyone who loves to go offshore and rip the lips off some Grouper... :)
John R.
My first season with the boat has been nothing short of amazing. I did my research ahead of time and decided on the Open 232 model, and do not regret It. Absolutely love this boat and recommend It to everyone out there.
Michael P.
I’m very happy with my decision to purchase a Sportsman boat. The fit and finish Is excellent, rides nice and Is comfortable for the family and friends. Perfect choice for me.
William K.
Open 232 Model- Bought my first Sportsman In July and very pleased. Great design and layout to balance both taking family out to the lake or heading offshore. Everything about the boat has met or exceeded expectations and I would highly recommend to others.
Michael F.
We love our new Sportsman 232. It looks great and runs great. Plenty of space our family plus others. We have used It for cruising, fishing, & tubing and could not be happier.
Brian C.
So happy with the purchase of my 2023 232 Sportsman! It meets and exceeds all of the expectations I had. It’s a smooth dry fishing machine!!
Donald B A.
The Sportsman 232 Is the best boat In Its class . from console layout to seating and performance. The 232 Is a Impressive boat
Steven C.
Great boat for Inside fishing and up to 10 miles out (for our family) on blue water
Christopher C.
Knew Sportsman had an Incredible reputation prior to my purchase. Solid boat design. Craftsmanship and attention to detail during the build are apparent. Pleased with how It handles. Overall 100% satisfied with my purchase and absolutely recommend Sportsman boats.
Christopher P.
We finally have a secure fishing vessel to go offshore to catch tuna, dolphin and kingfish. A boat where my wife feels safe and comfortable when the waves are more than 2ft. A boat that can easily cruise with three offensive linemen college football players and two other well built men. There’s plenty of storage and room to maneuver around. So far everyone has enjoyed their experience on our new boat. We can’t wait for Summer so we can fish on Saturday and enjoy Sunday-Funday.
Neil C.
Love It. First boat I’ve owned and It has done everything that I could hope for. I will be upgrading to a 28-30 ft Sportsman In a couple of years.
Timothy T.
I am not a fisherman but selected my Sportsman because I needed a reasonably priced and well built boat for family exploration of near coastal offshore waters In SW Florida, I have had previous experience In the offshore waters of Indonesia, Malaysia and California. Safety, reliability and performance were Important Issues
David B.
Love my Sportsman 232 Open! Extremely well built boat that fulfills all my needs! The craftsmanship Is solid and appreciate the spaciousness. Sportsman Boats has definitely won me over as a new customer.
Michael L.