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Family time on a Sportsman Boat.

Owner's Testimonials

This Is our 2nd Sportsman boat. I don’t see us going with any other brand. Great boats at a great price.
Richard M.
No other boat will give you the same options at quality at the same Price
David T.
Awesome decision by our family to purchase the 232 Open. The wife and I wanted to make more memories with our children as they grow up so fast. Thank you Sportsman Boats for making a fine boat for our family time on the water.
David d.
This group has created the most complete family fun and power fishing boat made. Sharp looks. Stability In heavy seas. Well equipped. Paired electronics and performance. I can be an avid fisherman and awesome for the family! Thank you Sportsman, I couldn't have done better
Jonathan M.
The 232 Open Is a great family and fishing boat. The boat handles very well and offers a very smooth ride.
Howell M.
There Is no better boat for the money than a Sportsman. Quality construction with lots of standard features, also many options to add on to personalize your boat.
Stephen B.
The Sportsman family of boats will certainly earn my business when I upgrade my current Sportsman 232 to a 252. I am extremely happy with how the boat performs offshore and Inshore. It Is apparent Sportsman wants to earn your business for life.
Scott C.
I have owned quite a few boats, but the finish and quality on my Sportsman 232 Open Is second to none thus far. The Yamaha power matched package 250 Is crazy responsive and efficient for a boat of this size. . Whole experience thus far has been great, Including the purchase.
Margaret F.
This Is a great boat for the money. Runs great and very comfortable
Kevin H.
Absolutely love the boat and salesman and all staff at dealership were amazing
Alvaro C.
I have owned several boats over the last 35 years but the Sportsman boat by far has the best ride and standard features of any boat on the market for the money. This Is the best ride It handles rough water great and feels like It has shocks built Into the bottom of this boat. Not only a great but a dry ride I would and have already recommended the Sportsman to many friends!
Robert D.
Great Quality Boat, Great Craftsmanship
Mark J.
Our new Sportsman Open 232 Is an absolutely Incredible rig. It's design makes It so easy to handle, use, fish, or just hang out. There are so many small details of the boat that are fantastic, but you don't even realize they are there until you're out there using It! Definitely worth every penny!
Shay b.
Second Sportsman boat.. Excellent construction, design and performance. Excellent product Improvements/ modifications over seven year period . Use the boat offshore up to 25 miles. Great solid handling
Daniel J.
Our 231 Open Is a GREAT boat!!!! thoroughly satisfied!!!
Kevin C.