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Owner's Testimonials

I truly love this boat. The ride and quality of the wiring Is benchmark In my opinion. I can promise as long as Sportsman keeps up this type of work I will always be a customer.
Mark B.
I purchased a 2020 Sportsman 247 Masters and I have absolutely loved It so far. I was Initially concerned about being able to get the boat as shallow as I wanted to (we normally fish In 1.5-2.5’ of water down at the Texas coast) but this boat had no Issue popping right up when taking off at that depth. It can get anywhere I want to go and get there fast with the 300hp engine. The boat has plenty of room In front and back of the boat for fishing as well as all our gear. Love It.
Gregory W.
The Sportsman 247 Is the perfect boat to do all the things you want on one platform. Offshore, Inshore and sandbar days are all In play. Pick your day and send It!
Christopher N.
I had the boat for about 10 months. Overall really have enjoyed It.
Keith D.
This Is my Third Sportsman boat and each time I order a new one It just keeps getting better. I have been blown away with every one I have purchased but this new 247OE takes the cake. It has far surpassed my expectations and my family Is so happy with It. We have done family cruising, Inshore fishing, offshore fishing, and It always does the job perfectly.
Homer W.
Boat looks amazing and rides amazing. Will make lots of memories with my friends and family.
Andrew W.
I'm very Impressed with my 2022 Masters 247oe. The build quality and layout are excellent. The service so far has been great as well. I would buy stock In Sportsman If I could. They are going to crush It. I will have to settle for buying their boat. I recommend that you do as well.
Aaron S.
Great design and great value.
Jesse W.
Sportsman makes a great boat! Y’all continue to Impress me with your boats and company!!! Best boat for your money, and this company stands for their products! This Is my third Sportsman and they continue to Impress! The new 247 OE rides like a dream. The fit and finish Is outstanding. You can do everything In this thing, fish offshore, back bays, lakes, you name It. Sportsman just keeps me coming back with the amazing boats they make. Proud to be a Sportsman Boat Owner!
John C.
This 247OE Is my 3rd Sportsman. The new 247OE has got to have the best layout, helm, and overall fit and finish out of any production boat. The boat cuts through rough water better than many boats It’s size. The new boat has surpassed all of my expectations. I have worked In the boating Industry since 2004 and Sportsman Is leading the Industry In a great direction with Innovation, overall fit and finish, and great support.
Josh R.
Have been avid boater for 30+ years. Third Sportsman I’ve owned….for a reason. Great company, solid design, engineering and manufacturing. Probably the best value & quality for the money In Center Consoles and Bay Boats.
Andrew W.
Love the layout and ride of the 2022 247OE.
Fishbone P.
I am very please with my new Sportsman. It out performs larger boats In heavy seas but can still get In skinny water.
Curtis F.
Boat exceeds all expectations. Value Is the best In It's class, you get a lot of boat for the money. We go out almost every week either fishing, sand bar days, or going to restaurants on the water. Also have 4 little kids and everyone Is safe and happy.
Jerimiah A.
New OE layout on the Masters 247 Is perfect. Second new Sportsman Bay Boat In the family and couldn't be happier. Sportsman fan for life!
Daniel R.