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Owner's Testimonials

Sportsman's reputation for great value and design are well deserved. Everything on the 247 Masters Is well thought out and planned. The quality of finish everywhere Is amazing. The boat handles extremely well. This Is possibly the most Impressive characteristic of the boat. Having visited the factory during the construction of our boat and seeing the build process and attention to detail, I was really pleased with my decision to buy Sportsman!
Eric S.
Great Boat. Excited to put get more time on It.
Pete H.
Overall the performance and handling of the Masters 247 goes beyond what I expected. It has an exceptional ride and Is soft over swells yet turns on a dime.
David W.
Has a lot of standard features that I really like and a lot of thought went Into It
William S.
Very nicely put together and the layout Is perfect.
Scott Z.
You can’t go wrong with the purchase of a Sportsman Boat. The fit and finish Is great and the overall appearance and functionality Is the best
Shawn S.
Great boat
John P.
I I've been blessed to be an active boater/fisherman for the past 43 years. In 2017 I bought my 10th boat, a 2017 Sportsman 234 Tournament. I honestly thought there could never be a better vessel. The ride was unlike any of the boats I had previously owned. I'm not going to mention the previous make/models, but none came close to the smooth ride, responsiveness and dependability that a Sportsman provides. I just purchased a 2023 Masters 247 for all the above reasons. Needless to say, "I'm Hooked"
Robert Z.
Awesome boat, end to end.
James G.
Our 247 Is a spectacular In every way. It rides Incredibly smoothly and has handled the chop with east. It Is a quality boat and very well built. The attention to detail and price point have been huge selling points for us. If you're looking for a 24 footer that rides like a much bigger boat, buy a 247. It gets Into skinny water and handles big water too.
Robert G.
Sportsman Boats are loaded stock with everything thing you need to start fishing. Pricing was good trade In was great. All around great boat.
Eric S.
Great boat for fishing and family! You can go offshore, hang out In the bay, or take your family out on the lake for the weekend. Very versatile boat powered by the best motor on the market.
Bill M.
Love the quality of this boat. Good value for the money. I'm a Sportsman customer for life now.
Ryan P.
I purchased a Sportsman 247 In 2021. I love the great mix of fishing setup and family comfort. Boat Is perfect for days on the lakes with the kids or running out to troll for dolphin. Absolutely love the boat!!
Michele R.
I am very happy with the boat overall.
Justin M.