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Owner's Testimonials

I LOVE MY Sportsman MASTERS 247. IT DOES IT ALL, FISH, RECREATION, SKI, SAND BAR, AND SO EASY TO USE !!!! The Yamaha 300 Is so smooth and quiet, my boat gets compliments everywhere we go. You need to buy one....
James K.
So far my Impression of my 2021 Sportsman Masters 247 has been Incredible. I am still In the break-in period with the engine (Yamaha 300) but the boat rides beautifully so far. The boat handles very well. The boat color Is beautiful and have had a lot of compliments on how the boat looks. There Is a lot of storage and feels very roomy. We aren't getting killed by the wake from other boats anymore which Is one of the main reasons we went with the bay boat. Looking forward to this season
Brett W.
This Is the third Sportsman as a family and love the brand!
Joseph O.
I purchased a 247 Bay boat after a lot of research Into all brands. I really like their designs, options and overall appearance. When I got to the sea trial that Is when I knew I was doing the right thing. It was an extremely cold day and the Intercoastal was really rough. What a dry, smooth & solid ride. Handling Is Incredible with the 300 Yamaha. With a jack plate this boat comes out of the water without digging. The fit and finish are really good and so well thought out.
Cameron H.
I love my Sportsman 247 Masters. It rides good, fishes great and Is real easy to look at. I recommend one for anyone looking for an Inshore boat that occasionally goes offshore also.
Charles R.
The Masters 247 Is an excellent bay boat! It handles the seas like a champ. Rough or smooth, this Is a great boat that will get the job done.
Scott A.
The Sportsman bay boats are the best bay boat for your money on the market today. From the storage to the practicality not to mention the smoothest ride you can't beat the Masters series bay boats .
Donald R.
I love the boat!
Derrick L.
So happy with the ride In rough water. Fuel mileage Is better than expected.
Ryan D.
Easy to see why this boat Is the market leader In It’s class!
Andrew Z.
Sportsman Boats are solid built boats and great quality. As an owner of my 2nd Sportsman boat I give them a 10 In all areas. All manufacturers will have an Issue here and there to work thru but Sportsman stands behind their product like none I've heard of or seen. Their warranty dept after the sale has been all thumbs up and seem to strive to ensure they have satisfied customers. This seems to be the popular opinion among the Sportsman Boating family.
John B.
Nice fit and finish
Marvin C.
I purchased my Masters 247 w/ Yamaha 300. The boat Is excellent and has not disappointed. The fit, finish and rigging are all excellent. The boat handles very well and Is very comfortable for 4 large adults to comfortably fish. The livewell system has more flow than any other boat I have owned, and the Insulated boxes are like coolers!
Gerald L.
Lifelong boater... owned and operated countless boats and vessels since youth, (56 years old) Chesapeake Bay. Sportsman Masters 247 with half tower Is the absolute best riding and outfitted on market. The Chesapeake has a “short chop”, meaning wave heights are very close together, 247 rides like a “Pearl”. Highly recommend??
Jonathan F.
Both the boat and the dealership are great. I bought this boat based entirely on online research given that they can’t be kept In stock these days. No dealership visit to view, no sea trial, etc. The boat has met or exceeded all expectations that I had! Great product, well made, fun to be on for both the operator and the passengers. Dealer delivered to me 30 miles from dealership and did a thorough walk through both on the trailer and then In the water. Excellent buying experience
Colin A.