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Owner's Testimonials

My wife and I were looking for a good boat for fishing and recreation on the coastal waters around the Pamlico Sound. After considerable searching, we decided on the Sportsman 247 and couldn't be happier. We've had the boat a little less than a month and have already logged 60 hours. The boat handles beautifully, and the ride Is smooth and dry In the sometimes challenging waters of the Sound.
Keith A.
Purchased my second Sportsman 247 last October. Love the boat and all of Its features. Bottom line they don’t over promise and under deliver!
Steven l.
Loving my Sportsman Masters 247. Boat rides great.
Kurt H.
Best riding boat that I have even been In period. Great quality and very easy to maneuver. Love the layout for fishing and family.
Curtis A.
Perfect boat for me. Its beautiful In and out of the water. Perfect for fishing and boating In our area. Very well appointed, plenty of power, low draft and very comfortable for fishing or pleasure boating. I am a happy customer!
Michael H.
so far I love the boat
Burley p.
Love the boat, love the looks It gets and love being with my family on this boat! So much fun!
Julie M.
This boat continues to surprise and Impress me. I was skeptical of the offshore capability of a bay boat, but this boat does It very well. In fact, It does a lot of things well. We typically run 30-45 miles offshore east coast Florida for pelagic and I've also had It In 1.5 feet for redfish on the flats. Great family features keep the wife and daughter happy and on the water all day. I highly recommend this boat and would definitely buy another Sportsman product
Natalie Y.
Simply the best riding bay boat I have ever been In! Do not over look this boat !!!
Michael N.
I've owned several flats and bay boats over the years and each has served Its purpose. The boat ride Is amazing. Easy access to lockers and live wells and In particular Sportsman's Total Access system are just some of the top selling features. One of the things I love the most of the Sportlink partnering with Garmin, Airmar and JL Audio. This makes the electronics so streamlined and easy to use. We loved the Masters so much we bought 2 within 1 month of each other!
Herbert V.
Recently purchased 2021 247 bay. I have owned 15 boats previously and this Is by far the best boat In Its class. Chose Sportsman for overall quality, fit and finish, performance, boat lay out and ride. I average 150 to 200 hours a year on every boat I’ve ever owned, this boat Is amazing I am so Impressed with every feature on It, I could not be happier with my purchase
Daniel N.
We looked at three different manufacturers and we kept coming back to Sportsman! And I’m glad we did.
Darren M.
We had a great experience when purchasing our new Masters 247 Sportsman Bay boat. The salesmen were extremely helpful and very nice.
Keith V.
Very solid, stable, and well built boat. The wife and I absolutely love It. We spent a week on It with two friends fishing In Florida this September and couldn't ask for anything more. Great job Sportsman !!!
Shalene W.
Our Sportsman 247 Is a great boat , with excellent controls and handles well Inshore and offshore.
Jimmy R.