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Owner's Testimonials

I am very pleased with the driving and maneuvering of the Sportsman along with the adaptability of the boat either for fishing or recreational family use .
Marlin G.
I own a master's 227 and It Is one of my favorite boats that I have ever owned. It rides great In rough water and also has the ability to go Into shallow water. It has very good fit and finish and lots of storage for a boat Its size.
Robert Z.
Masters 227 with the Yamaha 250. Quick to plane and rides like a dream. Very dry ride on choppy days. Plenty of storage. Electronics package Is nice and gives you all you need. However I did add transom mounted transducer for SideVu and ClearVu. Definitely recommend.
Joshua K.
Sportsman boats beyond exceeded expectations from day one of figuring out which boat would meet my needs within my budget. If you’re looking for a boat that’s great for family and fishing then Sportsman Is the boat you need.
Scott P.
Love my new Sportsman boat. The features, performance, and appearance. It’s everything I wanted all rolled Into one boat.
Jordan T.
I would definitely recommend a Sportsman boat to other boaters, I absolutely love my boat and the ride It gives!! great job, Sportsman
Susan M.
This Is my first owned boat. I have used a few others owned by the family. I am very satisfied with the overall appearance, function, equipment, and ride. Great electronics package, well priced for what you get, and storage Is large and easy to access. Overall, If you want a bay boat, I would recommend looking for a Sportsman.
Charles C.
Everything Is great and all of the bells and whistles are nice to have for a reasonable price In comparison to other makes.
Aaron W.
The overall experience this far has been amazing. Hardest part was waiting once we placed the order. When we first saw the boat In person It was amazing, we get compliments on It everywhere we go. We have had the boat for a month now and we couldn’t be happier with our decision and highly recommend Sportsman boats to others looking to purchase a boat.
Paul L.
100% satisfaction!!! Love my new black boat. Handles choppy water really well. Amazed at the performance In skinny water. I would recommend this boat to anyone. We have been 18 miles offshore In the Gulf of Mexico. All over the fresh water lakes and 30 miles In the St Johns River. The best all around boat that I’ve ever owned. Sportsman hit a grand slam with this model boat
Robert G.
The 247 masters has a great dry ride and Is price below most of Its competitors. The boat rides better than any of Its competitors that I have owned or have driven. The 247 will turn on a dime and planes off Immediately and the upper station Is well laid out as well.
Scott A.
My family and I absolutely love the boat. We purchased the Masters 247 and we have been out on the boat almost every weekend. I would highly recommend It to any one In the market for a bay boat. This boat Is made to fish.
Bobby A.
The entire family loves our new Masters 247! From the design to the fit and finish It’s a great boat. We spend several days a month fishing, cruising and hanging out , It’s perfect for our needs! The ride Is smooth, stable and dry. It handles offshore and Inshore waves and chop very well.
Jamie B.
Purchased the 247 bay boat and the attention to the needs of a fisherman can be seen all over the boat. From the typical "fit and finish" we like to talk about, to how things are designed and laid out when you Open all the hatches. Once people have your money, maybe they'll help you...NOT Sportsman. There's evidence all over the Internet of the high level of customer service Sportsman provides. I've put 40 hours on the boat In 6 weeks and love It way more than the last brand. Thanks Sportsman!!
Anthony M.
Loving this summer using our Sportsman 247.
Mark C.