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Owner's Testimonials

Great all around boat for Charleston. It can get skinny and fish the creeks, and It can also head out to reefs on calm days. Great for fishing or cruising and entertaining with plenty of storage and space.
Domenico P.
I love everything about the boat. The features are excellent, and the ease of ACCESS to EVERYTHING Is what really sold me on the boat. I like to do my own maintenance, and with the accessibility of the components of the boat It Is very easy to access.
Joshua S.
227 Masters Is THE boat If you’re looking for a great fishing / family boat
Robert M.
Great boat. Perfect for fishing with family and friends.
James S.
Bought the Master 227 after comparing to alike boats. The layout and ease of ability to work on It was a closing features. The wife even wanted the master 227 after comparing to others. It has been 6 months now and still no complaints just compliments on ride, functionality, and use for the whole family.
Marty L.
This Is my first bay boat. One of the best decisions I've made for my family. My wife and kids love It.
Casey W.
Sportsman Boats provides you with the excellent quality and style you come to expect In a high end boat. It offers a fisherman friendly layout that has plenty of room and storage for everyone onboard. A gentle and dry ride to keep you on the water longer. It has an ergonomic and comfortable seating, helm, throttle and gauges that makes your time on the water that much more enjoyable. Overall, a great boat!
Bradley C.
There are many options for 22' size bay boats out there. However, If you want a boat that Is well built, has an excellent finish, 360 fishability, Incredible ride of Its size, descent draft and It Is very economical to run weekly, you should consider the Sportsman Masters 227.
Shawn H.
Had to do break-in In rough weather conditions and boat handled great. Even better In good conditions. I highly recommend Sportsman!
Shawn B.
Getting a boat these days can be an exercise In patience. The craftsmanship of the boat Is excellent and It runs great and Is a fishing machine. I like the layout and all the features. I highly recommend!
Randy C.
Great boat everything you could ask for and more. Great ride, plenty of room. Great boat for fishing or family time.
Todd B.
I purchased a 2022 Sportsman Masters 227. I love the boat. I added all the features that I wanted and my family and I use It for boating and entertainment and for local fishing.
Elwin K.
After one month of ownership of my Sportsman 227 I feel It’s one of the most versatile and comfortable boats I’ve ever used. Having the Installed jack plate allows me to reach fishing grounds In shallow water. The design of this boat also allows for plenty of offshore range. Since we’ve owned the boat It has been used equally for family leisure and fishing and complements both very well.
James H.
While this Is my first boat that I have owned, I have had boating/ boat experiences through my family. So far enjoying the boat. I see my family and I enjoying fishing and cruising over the next several years.
Paul A.
Purchased a 2022 Masters 227. Love the ride and lay out. It Is a fishing machine. Can’t wait for the new adventures that’s coming.
Aaron W.