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Owner's Testimonials

This was my first new boat. I have had boats all my life but mostly cheaper center consoles. So amount of options available on these boats kind of blew me away. The quality and fit and finish on this boat Is really what sold me. I checked out some of the competitors and they make extremely nice boats as well but the Sportsman’s value and quality ultimately made my decision. Great Boat and couldn’t be happier with my purchase.
James D.
I have a 2020 Masters 227 bay boat. While I am still learning the boat It has been forgiving. Handles well, fishes well, lots of storage, well laid out deck and controls, stable In rough water. The bay boat Is a hybrid and fishes well shallow or deep. Obviously It will not go as shallow as a skiff or as far out as an offshore In big water but If you fish both It Is a good choice. I fish flats/rivers In It and reef fish/troll Inside 15-20 miles offshore. I shopped around and bought a Sportsman.
Christopher b.
Our Sportsman has taken us places I have only seen on the fishing shows. When you want to catch fish you must use the right equipment, our Sportsman Is without a doubt the right equipment!
Edward C.
Will not find a better ride or layout In this size boat! I will definitely be buying another Sportsman when the time comes.
Patrick S.
Incredible boat! Gives me the fishability of a bass boat (or something similar) yet I'm still able to take the family our cruising. Couldn't ask for more!
Chris H.
The Sportsman masters Is a great fishing boat. Lots of storage space and a very Open concept to give plenty of casting room. I highly recommend that you look at Sportsman for your next boat.
Ryan C.
I have owned several boats and this Sportsman tops them all ease loading and unloading, takes waves great and the draft Is awesome
William O.
I have own lots of boats and lots of different brands. I am very Impressed with my Sportsman. Overall It Is everything It's supposed to be. I highly recommend.
Charles F.
We purchased the Masters Platinum 227 and It Is an outstanding boat. Fit, finish, accessibility to major components for service Is second to none. Ride and fish ability are a joy. We will be a Sportsman boat family forever.
Michael T.
Great boat, handles well. Well suited for Inter coastal waterways. Nice electronic suite. Perfect for family day trips.
Kimberly M.
We looked around for a long time for a boat that could serve as a family fishing vessel on the local lakes and work In skinny water at the bay and Inshore fisheries. We landed on a 227 Masters and believe that It checks all of the boxes. It Is a comfortable ride, lots of room to fish, very dry and smooth. The fit and finish Is on par with some of the upper tiered boat manufactures. If you and looking to take the plunge on a Sportsman, do not hesitate to jump In.
Gregory M.
Very satisfied with my boat.
Len M.
This boat has exceeded my expectations! It fills all of my needs and wishes for a boat. It handles off shore well while It drafts very shallow which allows me to fish Inshore also. This boat fishes like a larger boat. When taking the family out for a lazy, fun day It accommodates all 6 of us very comfortably. With the Yamaha power I feel assured of the reliability and know It can get us In quickly If necessary.
Elwin K.
After checking out many similar models I decided on the Sportsman. The price and the features were excellent for what I was looking for. Glad I bought It I don’t see anything out there that I would’ve rather purchased.
Thomas D.
Very happy I went back to Sportsman again. I was the owner of a 2013 Masters 207 and wanted a new boat. After considering some other options the choice was evident the Masters 227 platinum just couldn’t be beat. Beautiful boat and an Incredible ride with great fishability.
Jason S.