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Owner's Testimonials

I was looking for a dual purpose boat. I wanted a good fishing boat mostly for inshore but occasionally short offshore trips. Secondly, I wanted a safe boat for my 5 small grandchildren and a boat we could take on boat rides with the entire family. This boat is ldeal for me and my needs.
This boat is a dream. I love it how it comes with everything you need for family boating and fishing. The boats are made perfectly to cut through waves and wake so the family stays dry. My local dealer is only a few miles away and has been very helpful with any issue that may arise and there really aren't very many issues. I love these boats and will probably be a sportsman boat owner for life.
What more can I say? The quality and amenities you receive with purchasing a Sportsman boat cannot be matched by any other manufacturer at this price point. Customer service is unparalleled and the boat performs flawlessly. So happy to be part of the Sportsman family!
Best 20ft center console on the market. Very smooth and comfortable ride.
Great product. Extremely satisfied! Great investment.
Researched Sportsman for five years. Saw things on their boat no one else had on theirs. Everytime I take my 207 out I find something new on it that makes me gladI bought the boat that I did.
Only been out 6 times since delivery in March. Caught over 100 stripers with a personal best 43" cow of a striper. Only burning about 2-3 gallons per hour of run time. Very stable and surprisingly dry for the Chesapeake chop we get.
Great Boat
Best boat I have ever owned. Will do anything you want to do from fishing saltwater or fresh great tournament boat livewells are excellent for live fish weigh ins. And when you want to take the family out for a day on the water preforms great for any water sport, any very comfortable for everyone to enjoy the day. It's like having a whole fleet of boats all in one package.
Purchased my Sportsman 214 Tournament bay boat in February 2017. I'm very happy with the solid ride, quality fit & finish, and design of my boat. I researched boats for a couple years before selecting this Sportsman. My prior boat was also a bay boat and I had been on a lot of others while developing my wish list. Ultimately, this 214 Tournament checked off the most boxes and appeared to be the best quality and options for the price. I have not been disappointed in my decision.
Really enjoy the boat. Craftsmanship is of higher quality than comparable boats that I looked at. Very comfortable, dry ride that even non-boating passengers have commented on. Love the Yamaha SHO 150. Love the Simrad electronics that the boat came equipped with. Still learning all the "bells and whistles" of it, but it's fun learning.
We invested about 2 years evaluating options before deciding to order a Sportsman 214 Tournament. We've only had the boat for about a month, but we are very happy with our decision. The boat is beautiful and Erickson Marine has helped us through each step in the process from ordering to delivery and instructions on use and care. We plan on having this boat for a long time and appreciate knowing we have a high quality boat company and solid local dealership there to help us along the way.
Very stable ride and very fishable
I crawled on and rode almost every 22-24 Bay Boat available before I actually stepped onto a Tournament 234. The moment I stepped into the cockpit, I was sold. Big inside, but skinny water ready. Layout just right. Technology and use of current features is cutting edge. And the finish...then I rode on it. And, the deal closed right then. Ride a T234, look at the features, weigh the cost. A few more bucks gets you a ton more boat. I've had 20 boats in my life. Best value I've owned!
I have a Tournament 234. We have had it on the water about 6 times in the last 3 weeks and get compliments all the time about how pretty the boat is. My wife and I are real happy with how the boat performs and the layout. We are so glad we bought this boat.