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Owner's Testimonials

The Sportsman Open 212 is an all around great boat with state of the art standard options. The Simrad display is easy to operate and use. The boat itself is sturdy and rides comfortably in steady 3-4 seas. The 212 is a solid fishing platform that easily transforms into a family cruising vessel. All boat buyers interested in a center console should pay special attention to Sportsman Boats.
We love the boat. We have owned several boats in the past, this by far has been the best one. Our salesman, Tim and Sportsman Choice Marine were awesome. Probably will go a little bigger in a few years. It will be a Sportsman.
We really love our new Sportsman Open 212 and have been impressed by the way the boat handles. The boat is very dry when in use and we have been having so much fun going out on day trips. The trim tabs work nicely and the sound of the stereo system is AWESOME! We are so happy with the purchase and we can't wait to enjoy it for years to come!!!
Julie & Thaddeus
What a great boat for fishing and taking your family out on the water for the day. Thanks to Family Boating Centers and their amazing staff for putting such a awesome deal on the table with a amazing boat!
We love our Sportsman 212. Catching fish already!!!!! Highly recommend a sportsman boat.
My Open 212 sportsman is a great boat that accommodates my offshore and inshore fishing needs. Sportsman has built a comfortable fishing machine. The boat handles well in light to small chop (2-3 fts). The Simrad electronics have great custom abilities to find any boat owner. Storage is good but over the top, good for an offshore vessel. Wiring and maintenance hatches allow for great room and ease of work. Overall, very satisfied as a sportsman owner.
Really enjoy my open 212 it has been a great boat so far and will be into the future!
My 2nd Sportsman, very happy with the boat.
I bought the Heritage 21 it's the first new boat I've bought in 30 plus years. I looked at plenty of boats before buying and none had the amount of standard features that Sportsman offered. The boat looks and handles great . A GREAT BUY I'm extremely pleased with my purchase.
Over the years we have purchased 8 boats. They were all purchased new since we are so fussy we could never find anything used that suited us. We are very quality and value conscious. After looking at many of the new CC boats available we found the Sportsman Heritage 211 and were very impressed with everything about the boat. And compared to others we considered it was absolutely the best value. And our Sportsman dealer was the best .
The heritage 211 heritage is a perfect manufactured Boat
The sportsman quality and performance has surpassed my expectations. I would recommend the Heritage 211 to any family interested in a safe reliable boat. High interior walls make family outing safe with plenty of comfortable seating.
My Heritage 211 is Amazing, if you are at all interested in having friends and strangers gawk over your boat invest in a Sportsman. The look, quality, amenities, finishes and performance delivers and out delivers every time. Great Boat!
Not only is the boat comfortable, but it's very functional. Sportsman is the perfect boat choice for the person who likes to fish, but also likes to cruise with the family!
Wonderful family boat.....can't tell you how much family/friends are raving about it. Can't wait for the dust to settle and ""I"" can enjoy and experience the well designed fishing platform/accessories..... an extremely well designed/ though out boat..... Congrats to the Sportsman Team