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Family time on a Sportsman Boat.

Owner's Testimonials

The sportsman seems to be a great value for a fishing and family boat. We have enjoyed the boat so far.
Love the boat and love the service we received from our local dealer. It's a whole lotta boat for the money!
Awesome experience on the water. Would not trade it for anything. Thank You for making a truely great product.
Could not be happier with this boat. Everything we were looking for.
James & Alexandra
I couldn't be happier with my purchase of my new Sportsman boat. The ride and handling are great, so good in fact even my wife will drive it ( and believe me that is a first). Anybody looking for a new bay boat will kick themselves if they don't take a good look at Sportsman boats.
Beautiful boat with a lot of attention to details. From the leaning post/Seat to the live wells, insulated boxes and other features, it is apparent that a lot of careful engineering went in to this boat. Absolutely love it!
Recently bought a new Sportsman Masters 207 and love the boat. The size is good for a couple to fish from and up to 6 people for cruising. Quality is very good and the Yamaha F150 is efficient and fast.
I live in south Louisiana where bay boats dominate the market. Having two young kids and fishing more of the outside mash areas I wanted a boat with more freeboard then normal. After a year of research and dragging the wife to every boat show and dealer with in a 4 hour radius. It was clear that the Sportsman Masters 227 stood out from the rest of the boats we looked at. Living in south Louisiana and having a boat since I was 12 this boat has super passed any expectations that I had.
Purchased a 2018 Masters 207 with Yamaha 150 and Minn Kota IPilot trolling motor from my awesome local dealer. I am very happy with the boat's features, performance and the dealership. Highly recommend Sportsman Boats if your looking for great quality and a fair price.
I purchased a 2018 Masters 207 for my first boat and have been nothing but pleased. I had fished a buddy's 2015 Masters 207 for a bit and when I heard of the changes made for the 2018 model, I had to place an order! So far, so good, and I know if there are any issues, I have confidence that Sportsman will make it right!
We moved out of our 1975 model Ranger bass boat to the center console Sportsman 227. I have two sons over 6 feet tall, and we did not fit in the old boat. This boat permits us to use the lakes in North Texas any day despite the high winds that are typical. We have plenty of room to move around and land multiple fish at time. We use the boat secondarily to water ski and tube. It has met all my needs. We still clean it every trip and it looks like new after a year of ownership.
My 227 sportsman boat is a great boat...Sportsman got this boat right...
Best boat out there in its class
To those how are looking for the perfect boat to bring friends out crushing or a family day on the water this boat has everything you would need in a boat I purchased my sportmann 227 master in July 2017, I mainly fish with it has plenty of room to fish when I was looking for a boat there was 2 thing in the that I was looking for and that was storage and a great riding boat and the sportmann boat has it all I’m very satisfied with the price and the service
227 Masters best in class boat for the money.