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Owner's Testimonials

Purchased a 2018 Masters 207 with Yamaha 150 and Minn Kota IPilot trolling motor from my awesome local dealer. I am very happy with the boat's features, performance and the dealership. Highly recommend Sportsman Boats if your looking for great quality and a fair price.
I purchased a 2018 Masters 207 for my first boat and have been nothing but pleased. I had fished a buddy's 2015 Masters 207 for a bit and when I heard of the changes made for the 2018 model, I had to place an order! So far, so good, and I know if there are any issues, I have confidence that Sportsman will make it right!
We moved out of our 1975 model Ranger bass boat to the center console Sportsman 227. I have two sons over 6 feet tall, and we did not fit in the old boat. This boat permits us to use the lakes in North Texas any day despite the high winds that are typical. We have plenty of room to move around and land multiple fish at time. We use the boat secondarily to water ski and tube. It has met all my needs. We still clean it every trip and it looks like new after a year of ownership.
My 227 sportsman boat is a great boat...Sportsman got this boat right...
Best boat out there in its class
To those how are looking for the perfect boat to bring friends out crushing or a family day on the water this boat has everything you would need in a boat I purchased my sportmann 227 master in July 2017, I mainly fish with it has plenty of room to fish when I was looking for a boat there was 2 thing in the that I was looking for and that was storage and a great riding boat and the sportmann boat has it all I’m very satisfied with the price and the service
227 Masters best in class boat for the money.
I absolutely love my Platinum edition bay boat. Why? Stable dry ride - great finish and fixtures - awesome T top - white, blue and red LEDs plus underwater lights - sleek looks - super nice upholstery - lots of storage and big live wells. I could go on. A superior boat and a good price point.
After reviewing many many other brands of bay boats the sportsman 227 first caught our eye with its simple yet unique layout. We also found that the layout actually seemed to give us much more room on deck than most of the 24' boats that we reviewed, this is a big deal considering that we are a family of 6. After receipt of our boat we found it to be even more capable than promised. We typically fish bays and backwater but have had no trouble with rough seas as well. Great job Sportsman!
2018 Sportsman 247 Platinum turns heads like no other boat I have ever owned! I give Sportsman an A+ for ride comfort, performance and quality at a reasonable price point. Whether 30 miles offshore or in the shallow banks of the marsh I am covered with a boat that can do it all.
Angela & Scott
Great boat for fishing and pleasure, rides like a dream and has all the amenities you need for a great day on the water.
I had a Sportsman 247 built in the Spring of 2017. I took delivery of it in May of 2017. I love the way the boat looks, feels and handles. I am very satisfied with it. I looked at several other big name manufactures an the big reason I went with Sportsman was because of the dry ride and ease of handling under power. I have fell in love with the bench seat in the rear and the accessibility to all the pumps, hoses and equipment under the rear deck. I think they did a great job with wiring too.
James D.
I purchased a 247 Masters bay boat from our local dealer in Statesboro in June of 2017. My family and I have enjoyed the boat and it serves our boating needs wonderfully. We fish a lot and this is a fantastic fishing set up. The dealership was please to work with. We are very pleased with the purchase and service.
We purchased a Sportsman 227 for bay fishing and casual riding. We have owned the for a month and are very satisfied with the ride and fictions of the equipment. It has a very dry and sturdy ride.
Sportsman is a great boat for many activities