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Family time on a Sportsman Boat.

Owner's Testimonials

Bought our Heritage 211 a few months ago and couldn't be happier! We love everything about this boat.
Purchased a 211 heritage from Chris at our local dealer. Great boat all around and great value for the pricing. Would recommend this boat to anyone.
Owning a boat is a great way to make memories with your family! Our Sportsman is perfect for fishing, tubing and just enjoying the water!
I bought a 2017 Sportsman Heritage 231 Platinum in June of 2017 to replace an older skiff. After a year on the water, this boat is awesome. It handles the waters of the Crystal Coast of NC well providing a dry, stable ride. I have found it easy to dock or to pull up to a sandbar or island. I primarily use it as a family boat, but it is laid out well for fishing. All around a great boat from my experience.
Great product. Our first center console and we love it!! Nice working boat for fishing, and a nice pleasure boat for tubing or cruising in the bay.
The 23' Sportsman Heritage is a great boat. I primarily use it for social boating - I get out 4-6 times a week between evenings after work and weekends. There is plenty of space for seating - It's rated for 10, but stay in smooth water. It's comfortable with 4-6 with some seas. Upgraded engine has of get-up-and-go. I have a grill with a rod-holder mount and bought a removable table for the forward part. The boat has ample storage, and the console is large enough to use a port-a-potty.
Sportsman boats are a good product with many available options, this is my first boat, but I have been on many other boats and have enjoyed being the owner of a Sportsman Boat, I would recommend it to other people. My dealer was friendly and knowledgeable and has been helpful when called.
Heritage 231 - Rides great in choppy water, easy to drive/maneuver, nice standard features and available options. Well made and nice looking boat!
The Sportsman has all the needed updates and upgrades a fisherman would want on a boat today. My dealer worked with me to provide excellent customer experience.
I looked at and researched 5 manufacturers. I visited 2 boat shows and 5 dealerships. I read reviews and watched YouTube videos. I spent 6 months comparing features and performance specifications. The Sportsman 231 Heritage stood head and shoulders above the compitition. Fit and finish are great and the dealership was far and above the best Expierence of all. I tell everyone about both my new boat and the dealer who sold it to me. Thank you Sportsman.
Very satisfied with the purchase.
I've had my new Sportsman about a month, been very impressed with the boat (it's my fifth boat, first Sportsman). It jumps up on plane super quick with the Yamaha 250HO. The attention to detail under the Helm station and under the back hatch is what also sold me on the boat. The ability to take out all the cushions is great, the ride is smooth, and the Dual Simrads are great for navigation and fishing.
Great boat, innovation and quality throughout.
This is now my second but new Sportsman boat. After owning a used 2014 211 Heritage I decided to upgrade to a 2018 231 Heritage and I couldn't be happier. The boat rides great and handles smoothly even in choppy conditions. Upgrading to the 231 provided more room for fishing than my 211 did especially when you have four or more people on board fishing. If you are looking for a great mid range boat you can't get any better than a 231 Heritage!
The best people I have worked with. Great customer service from Sportsman and my local dealer. Factory tour was very informative and sold me on a Sportsman. I looked at all the boats in this class and above. The best bang for the buck by far. Thanks Sportsman.
Robert & Amy