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Owner's Testimonials

The Masters 207 was the perfect choice for our family of 4 that loves to fish. The boat is small enough to get into skinny spots, but has a very smooth dry ride.
Best boat I have ever purchased. You will always get your money’s worth with the amazing Sportsman line of boats.
Fred & Teresa
Love my Sportsman 207 Masters. Perfect for fishing or just cruising. Excellent ride and handles great! Would definitely recommend.
My dealer is the best and is the main reason that I have purchased 4 Sportsman Boats in 5 years. Sportsman boats makes a quality product for the money, and is one of the best riding bay boats on the market.
I had been researching this boat for a long time and finally decided to that the Sportsman 227 Masters was the one. It has great accessibility to all the mechanical and control components for any maintenance needs. the recessed rod holders in gunnels and the increased width in the step up to the front deck were the extra added push that I needed to make the decision to purchase the Sportsman 227 masters. All in all it is a great fishing boat with plenty of room for friends and family.
I bought my 2019 Masters 227 in hopes that it would be able to handle a variety of fishing conditions, while also being able to tow the kids on the inner tube and enjoy an evening of cruising with friends and family. This boat does all that and more. It will fish as shallow as any bay boat and keep you dryer than most in transit even in tough conditions. In my opinion, there is no better blend of fishing performance and family friendly design on the market!
Incredibly dry comfortable ride, especially for a bay boat. Prettiest lines of any boat in its class.
Very much enjoy my new boat. High-quality craftsmanship.
This is my second Sportsman. First was the 2013 Masters 207. The ride, construction is second to none. In the Bay or 10 miles out, the boat never disappointed. My second Sportsman is a 2019 227 Platinum. Once again this boat is all first-class. From the gelcoat to the stainless, nothing but the best. I like the fact that Sportsman standard features include what other manufacturers call options. You can’t go wrong with any Sportsman boat!
Great boat package from boat-motor-electronics and storage layout/access. The 227 Masters is the perfect multi-use vessel.
Wonderful riding boat with great mix of fishing and family requirements.
Great boat... fit and finish is excellent.
Michael & Kristin
My 227 sportsman boat is a great boat...Sportsman got this boat right...
Best boat out there in its class
To those how are looking for the perfect boat to bring friends out crushing or a family day on the water this boat has everything you would need in a boat I purchased my sportmann 227 master in July 2017, I mainly fish with it has plenty of room to fish when I was looking for a boat there was 2 thing in the that I was looking for and that was storage and a great riding boat and the sportmann boat has it all I’m very satisfied with the price and the service