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Family time on a Sportsman Boat.

Owner's Testimonials

Great boat!
This Open 242 CC is one Great boat, rides nice, handles very well, comes up quick, roomy, wonderful bilge access, tons of useful features.
My Sportsman 242 Open is the perfect boat for me and my wife. Great set up for fishing, and I can put in the seats up front for comfort, entertaining, and cruising. Beautiful boat with a nice ride.
Our new Sportsman Open 252 is perfect for our needs.
Clifton & Arita
Extremely pleased on how well this boat handles any conditions I have been on the Chesapeake Bay. A perfect boat everything I wanted in a an all round fishing and recreational boat. The electronics are spectacular and performance of engines surpasses my expectations. A great step forward! I couldn't ask for anything more!!!
Sportsman and Yamaha quality, what a great combination. What is standard equipment on a Sportsman, is optional with others! Why look elswhere? Sportsman has what you need!
Great boat, great dealership. Super Happy Owner
We love the 252 Sportsman. Great quality for a well priced boat. Sportsman packaged the boat with top of line features. We have other boats turning around to see what boat we are driving. Great boat to fish from. It is not the boat's fault were are doing a lot of fishing and very little catching.
John & Joan
I just want to express the pride I feel being the owner of my Sportsman 252 Open center console. The boat is built extremely well with great attention to detail and material used throughout the boat. Smooth comfortable dry ride. I hold my head up high in my Sportsman Boat.
Very happy with our purchase. Boat rides well in all types of conditions, and having the twin motors make it very maneuverable. I would recommend this boat to anyone!
The standard options and the fit and finish is outstanding for the money. The ride is superior to others in its class. Great family and fishing boat!
I have been watching the Sportsman brand for almost 3 years and have been impressed with the quality, attention to detail, and innovation. They started setting the bar for other builders to follow. Additionally any questions were immediately answered by my dealer or Sportsman's representative
I have the 28ft center console with twin digital 200 hp little noise compared to twin 250 but 200 digitals move the boat really nice and fuel consumption is great. Also motors are lighter than 250 hp the bottom line is the Boat a great value and will reccomend Sportsman to Friends and Family
Coming out of a 32' boat from another brand, I was looking for a great handling boat with good fit and finish in the 28 foot class. I found it in the 282 Sportsman. The twin 200 Yamaha are fast out of the hole, run upwards of 50MPH and I cruise at better than 3mpg. Wow, that is a huge lift from what I used to spend on fuel heading 30 plus miles offshore on a regular basis. if you are looking for an open fisherman with great features and construction that won't break the bank, take a look at the Sportsman.
Sportsman boats look and ride great. They are comfortable and up to date with all the new boating technology.