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Family time on a Sportsman Boat.

Owner's Testimonials

If there is such a thing as an all around boat the Sportsman 26' defines it, whether you're cruising in the bay to eat at a restaurant for dinner, fishing in the bay or 30 miles off shore on a good day the boat can handle it safely and comfortably.
Overall, great experience.
I've owned a number of different bay boats in the past and the Sportsman I recently purchased is my favorite... Great layout, comfort, quality, & value... This is a lot of boat for the money... The boat fishes great and handles well offshore in rough seas... I highly recommend putting it on your list if you are considering purchasing a bay boat. .
I absolutely love my Sportsman 267 masters. . there isn't a better designed bay boat in my opinion! I cant Say anything negative about the boat and I'm first one to bash a boat because I'm very picky when it comes to my stuff, I'll always have a Sportsman for my inshore boat, thanks for a great product!
The boat exceeded our expectations for quality and performance. We would recommend this boat to anyone who wants a bay boat that you can tournament fish in one day and take friends on a dinner cruise the next.
Thomas & Susan
On my second Sportsman boat! Both my island Reef and 212 open have been excellent boats with great ride quality and great craftsmanship. When it’s time to upgrade again, Sportsman will definitely be at the top of my list!
I am totally satisfied with my Sportsman 212 I was very thorough in my search for my boat almost three years and Sportsman has fit every single detail that I was looking for it fits my needs in every possible way. I have had it in rivers, lakes, bays and the ocean. in comparison with other similar brands it gives as much quality but at a more affordable price. happy Sportsman owner
We love our Sportsman 212 Open, it's a serious fishing machine with enough comfort amenities to keep the family happy on play days as well. Our dealer was awesome, easily one of the best experiences Ive had buying a high value item.
Love the design and how easy it is to fish out of.
Sportsman builds the most solid boat available. Best in class!
I love this thing! I am on it almost every single weekend. Very simple to operate and super fun for both fishing and leisure boat trips!
The Sportsman 232 rides and handles great. The boat even runs well in rougher seas. Very pleased with the boat would definitely consider upgrading to a larger Sportsman.
We love our new boat. It works very well for ocean fishing or pulling the grand kids around the bay in an inner tube.
For the price and what was offered, this is a Great boat.
We were purchasing our first boat and did a lot of research into a lot of different brands. The Sportsman Open 232 checked all of our wishlist boxes and we have been extremely happy with our purchase.