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Owner's Testimonials

I haven't had a single Issue with the boat. I have put It through the ringer In 4-5 foot waves, and It has performed In extreme conditions. I've also had days out on the sandbar with family and friends, and It performs equally well In those situations.
David S.
We enjoy our Sportsman 232 Open to Its fullest. The ability to convert boat with ease from a family fun cruising boat to a full Open fisherman makes It the best dual purpose boat. We would recommend Sportsman boats to anyone. We constantly get compliments about the boat. Thanks Sportsman.
Jason O.
Sportsman 232 Open gives you the best of all worlds. Super stable and solid platform for fishing or pleasure!!! Couldn’t be happier!
David L.
The boat Is well though out to please me, an avid fisherman, and my wife who wants to cruise. Fit and finish Is some of the best In class.
Dennis S.
Like everything about the boat
Mark P.
My wife and I did a lot of searching for the brand and type of boat we wanted. After months of research and visiting boat shows we determined Sportsman was for us. The Open 232 fits our needs perfect from fishing off shore to hanging out with friends for a relaxing day on the lake.
Warren H.
We are very pleased with our new Open 232. It Is the perfect choice for our canal lifestyle In FL. It has the speed and stability for enjoyable cruising on the bay and seasonal use In the Gulf. I plan to go fishing with friends and I know this boat has the features for this sport while being a perfect runabout for my wife and I to tie up at local restaurants and our yacht club In style. Ticks all the boxes.
Cameron P.
Bought our Open 232 a little over a year ago and couldn't be more pleased with It. We have almost 200 hours on the boat and have enjoyed using It to explore the Charleston Lowcountry and the barrier Islands we have here. Great balance between a family boat and a fishing boat with a few offshore fishing trips mixed In. Perfect size for cruising up to Georgetown or down to Hilton Head. Highly recommend Sportsman products.
Jeff V.
My Sportsman 23 ft center console has exceeded expectations. Whether cruising on the river or out on Long Island sound the ride Is fantastic, passengers are very comfortable, and the electronics package Is very user friendly. The storage space Is more than ample.
Eric S.
Love the look ride and feel.
Kevin S.
I bought this specific boat because of Its balance between fishing and taking out the family for a day on the water. It's been really great for that. We have taken many family trips with everyone quite satisfied with the accommodations. I've also taken It on some hardcore fishing trips (25+ mi offshore In Gulf of Mexico) and the boat proved to be laid out well for It and was also able to easily handle the conditions we found ourselves In a couple of times (storms!). I definitely recommend!
Paul G.
Very beautiful. Fun for the whole family. It’s been a great summer having this Sportsman Open 232.
Peter F.
So far It has been great. We put almost 30 hours on It In about 3 weeks with no Issues arising. Seems to be a well built boat with all the amenities we were looking for.
Stephen T.
Dry and safe boat for grandkids. Wonderful fishing platform with plenty of storage space. Great power for pulling skiers and tubes.
Bobby L.
Great boat for fishing and family fun.
Albert P.
Enjoy my 232 Open and believe It will give my family many years of pleasure.
Brian A.
I appreciated the fit, finish, safety, and performance of our 2022 Sportsman Open 232. It's the best all around boat and does not disappoint In rough seas or a day at the sandbar. Keep of the great work Sportsman.
Michael S.
It will be the best boat you will ever own. I get compliments all the time regarding the look of my 23' Open Series offshore boat. It handles extremely well In both rough water as well as while docking. I would recommend this boat to anyone who loves to go offshore and rip the lips off some Grouper... :)
John R.
My first season with the boat has been nothing short of amazing. I did my research ahead of time and decided on the Open 232 model, and do not regret It. Absolutely love this boat and recommend It to everyone out there.
Michael P.
I’m very happy with my decision to purchase a Sportsman boat. The fit and finish Is excellent, rides nice and Is comfortable for the family and friends. Perfect choice for me.
William K.
Open 232 Model- Bought my first Sportsman In July and very pleased. Great design and layout to balance both taking family out to the lake or heading offshore. Everything about the boat has met or exceeded expectations and I would highly recommend to others.
Michael F.
We love our new Sportsman 232. It looks great and runs great. Plenty of space our family plus others. We have used It for cruising, fishing, & tubing and could not be happier.
Brian C.
So happy with the purchase of my 2023 232 Sportsman! It meets and exceeds all of the expectations I had. It’s a smooth dry fishing machine!!
Donald B A.
The Sportsman 232 Is the best boat In Its class . from console layout to seating and performance. The 232 Is a Impressive boat
Steven C.
Great boat for Inside fishing and up to 10 miles out (for our family) on blue water
Christopher C.
Knew Sportsman had an Incredible reputation prior to my purchase. Solid boat design. Craftsmanship and attention to detail during the build are apparent. Pleased with how It handles. Overall 100% satisfied with my purchase and absolutely recommend Sportsman boats.
Christopher P.
We finally have a secure fishing vessel to go offshore to catch tuna, dolphin and kingfish. A boat where my wife feels safe and comfortable when the waves are more than 2ft. A boat that can easily cruise with three offensive linemen college football players and two other well built men. There’s plenty of storage and room to maneuver around. So far everyone has enjoyed their experience on our new boat. We can’t wait for Summer so we can fish on Saturday and enjoy Sunday-Funday.
Neil C.
Love It. First boat I’ve owned and It has done everything that I could hope for. I will be upgrading to a 28-30 ft Sportsman In a couple of years.
Timothy T.
I am not a fisherman but selected my Sportsman because I needed a reasonably priced and well built boat for family exploration of near coastal offshore waters In SW Florida, I have had previous experience In the offshore waters of Indonesia, Malaysia and California. Safety, reliability and performance were Important Issues
David B.
Love my Sportsman 232 Open! Extremely well built boat that fulfills all my needs! The craftsmanship Is solid and appreciate the spaciousness. Sportsman Boats has definitely won me over as a new customer.
Michael L.
My new 232 looks amazing and performs well. I love all the features and am looking forward to using It as much as I can.
Kevin S.
Handles rough water like a dream. Completely reliable In all weather. Stability of the boat Is extremely well.
Troy D.
We love our Sportsman Open 232. Well made boat that you can see the quality of the work In the wiring and all finished areas. Make a great fishing boat or day out with the family.
Joseph T.
What a great boat can't wait to go bigger In a few years. It will be another Sportsman!
Brian A.
Sportsman has satisfied my every need. The Seakeeper Ride helps take the stress out of traditional trim tabs (Cruising comfortably @ 33 MPH In 2-3 foot seas). This boat Is superior to all other brands In Its class, especially the ones still using a 6-inch pie high to access an inaccessible bilge (Your technician will thank you!).
William L.
The boat handles very well ,maneuverability Is great!
Austin R.
I bought the 262 Open and It’s very stable on the water In rough and calm seas. I usually fish offshore and also do recreational with the family. It’s a great all around boat. The features and quality are top notch. I would recommend It to anyone. Thanks for building a great boat at a reasonable cost
Sean A.
Absolutely love our new boat. Thank you!
Anthony S.
Great boat, has everything you are looking for In a boat.
Patricia R.
Purchased our 2020 Sportsman Open 282 with twin 300 and we are VERY happy with the boat. Great boat for day cruising, entertaining, fishing and general recreation. Boat handles excellent and provides a very solid and dry ride.
Joseph B.
Fishing, cruising fast, cruising slow, barrier Island exploring, swimming, tubing, restaurant hopping, sunset cruise, and dinner cruises. This boat works well for everything we do.
Andrew B.
Traded our 2017 232 Open for a 2020 282 Open and It Is fantastic.
Daniel M.
I'm very happy w/ the purchase of Sportsman. It Is exactly what I was looking for In regards to entertainment and another boating activities.
David M.
After owning several brands of boats In the past, Sportsman Is giving the Industry a run for Its money. Initial quality, fit and finish, and overall performance of the boat Is on par with top tier manufacturers at a more competitive price point. We purchased a 282 Open and this vessel Is an Incredible value for anything we want to do... fishing, cruising, family outings, Its capable of all without sacrificing comfort and performance. Way to go Sportsman!
Daniel B.
We searched and did a lot of research on products before making our purchase of a Sportsman Boat and we couldn't be happier. The quality and value behind the Sportsman brand has proven to us that we made the right choice!
Fernando L.
After putting 30 hours on my Open 282 I could not be happier. From the way she looks In the water to the Incredible acceleration from the twin Yamaha 300. I get tons of compliments everywhere I go.
Mike R.
Our first new boat for our retirement Is an Open 282 from Sportsman. This dealer made life so easy fir us to purchase this boat. Sportsman delivered a great boat. Great buying experience and the boat handles the water In and out If the Gulf and bays like a champ. A smooth dry ride and even In choppy water you can find the correct speed to run safe, fast and dry. Best value boat out there for fishing, boating, safety and fun.
Richard J.
Great boat
Jeffrey F.
Overall very pleased with the Sportsman craftsmanship and quality. Great value for the Investment.
Andrew B.
We love our 282 Open....a fantastic all around boat!
William M.