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Owner's Testimonials

Awesome boat all around, from cruising, fishing, entertaining and anything else you throw at it! I purchased the Sportsman Masters 247 Platinum and absolutely love it. Have had zero issues from sale to service from river to offshore. Looking forward to many years on this boat!
Couldn’t be happier with our purchase. Perfect in shallow water, perfect for offshore fishing. Best of both worlds.
Martin & Christina
We love our new Sportsman 247. We wanted a fishing boat capable of skinny water and could take the punch of crossing the bay with heavier chop. We got a lot more than that, people stop and ask me questions and yell out that I have a nice boat. I didn't expect to make others envious, it makes me proud. This boat continues to impress us with its fishability and I really miss being on it when I'm back at work on Monday.
Very pleased with this boat.
Everything I was looking for and more. The family fell in love with it immediately, which is an amazing plus. Plush seats, awesome electronics, 300 horse Yamaha, JL sound system, color matched t-top with misters, ideal lighting on board and below water line was the perfect set-up for us. Very happy with the boat. So happy to be in the Sportsman family!
Wow what a great total package for a 24ft Bay boat. This model has it all it's very family friendly and a serious inshore/offshore fishing machine. Ride is exceptional from a standard hull (non step). Every time we take the boat out we receive multiple compliments. I cant believe the amount of storage available from bow to stern, I am able to almost stand inside the console (remember this is a bay boat). I can also climb into the rear storage/bilge access incredible. love the hard-top.
This boat can do just about everything I want it to do. I can fish the skinny waters of the bay for trout and redfish. On a good day, I can run miles offshore and fish for snapper, grouper, etc. When the family is aboard, we take it to the beach or sandbar and relax. Plenty of speed and power with the Yamaha 300. The electronics package is great. The layout of the boat is perfect for what I do.
Masters 247 is a great all around boat. From pleasure cruising on the lake to wade fishing in the bay or chasing pelagics offshore it has been a pleasure and got the job done.
I have owned several boats in the past and this boat by far is my favorite one!! the ride and layout is unmatched compared to other comparable boats. This thing rides like a Cadillac on the water!! I would recommend Sportsman to anyone who wants a great family friendly boat but also fishes in 1ft of water in back waters and can go 30 miles off shore with no problem. This is one of the best all around boats on the market for sure!
My son and I enjoy the operation, style and overall usefulness of compartments that are necessary for boating enjoyment. This particular boat combined many features for overall fishing, diving and cruising on the water.
I looked at several bay boats before deciding to go with the Sportsman Masters 247. I looked at some of the higher end much more expensive bay boats, but they didn't have the details and finishing touches that the Sportsman had. I love my boats color, Sea Mist Green. Every time I take the boat out I get compliments.
I researched for 2 1/2 years for the perfect inshore and near shore boat for North Carolina where it came down to a Sportsman 247. It is a fantastic platform for bow and stern casting in creek, river, sound, and ocean. Trolling with a 6 rod spread works well also. We have successfully fished the skinny to the deep waters. This platform was engineered to support the aggressive angler effectively and with all the amenities my wife and family can still entertain on it in a regal manner!!!
We are absolutely loving our new Masters 247 with the Yamaha 250 Vmax SHO motor!! This thing is a fishing machine, one minute we're in 40 feet of water bottom fishing and the next we're in 1. 5 feet of water catching Reds. We can't wait to take this boat offshore to get in 100+ feet of water looking for Grouper and Snapper. The boat handles like a dream, maneuvers as nimble as my old 18 foot boat! Even my wife got used to driving it extremely fast, after initially being intimidated by it's size.
Overall the boat meets all expectations.
Hull, heavy duty for offshore, better than much larger boat. Dry boat, motor is superior, hardware strong, boat design the best, true fishing machine!!!