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Owner's Testimonials

Love my new Heritage 211 couldn't be happier with It!
I purchased a 2020 Sportsman Heritage 211 after doing a ton of research on a variety of center console boats. This boat has everything and then some for someone who enjoys fishing and taking a relaxing day out on the water. The ability to go from fishing, whether It’s trolling or jigging to enjoying the day with the family In comfort takes minutes. These boats look and ride amazing and give you the best quality for the money hands down.
Peter L.
Sportsman boats are the best looking boats out on the water. You can always spot a Sportsman. The quality of the boat supersedes those In Its class.
Jason B.
One of the best built boats on the market. The warranty department Is best I’ve ever had the privilege of talking to and working with. This Is my third new boat and sportsman Is the best to date. Thank you Sportsman keep up the great work
Shaun F.
We bought a Sportsman Heritage 211 and absolutely love It. We’ have used It In the ocean and on lakes. Can’t say enough about how versatile the boat Is. We get compliments every day on how sharp this boat looks. We look forward to enjoying It for years to come!
Ryan H.
This boat Is very well built and Is top of the line for the price point. Hardware Is robust and fit and finish Is excellent.
Misty G.
This Is my second Sportsman and I wouldn’t consider anything else
Susan H.
Completely satisfied with my Sportsman 211 Heritage. It has all the bells and whistles that were standard unlike other boats.
Mark P.
We couldn't be happier with our purchase of the Sportsman 211 for our Family of 5. It Is surprisingly roomy and well laid out for both fishing and recreation. It also looks sleek, modern, and classy. My husband has been In the marine business his entire life and It takes a LOT to Impress him. You get a lot of bang for your buck with the Sportsman. Looking forward to many years of fun and adventures.
Timothy M.
Our children have graduated college and now we have time to do the things we love. We purchased the 21 foot Sportsman and spend as much time as possible on the water. We cruise the Intercoastal waterways In Georgia and along the coastline and enjoy catch and release fishing. Our family, friends and neighbors are all envious and can't wait to go out and enjoy time on the water with us. Our new lifestyle Is so exciting and exhilarating. We feel revitalized and absolutely love our new Sportsman.
Tara C.
The Sportsman 211 Is good for small family. With confidence we can navigate bays offshore and lakes. The ride Is smooth and dry. Fit and finish Is one of the best we could find.
Curtis H.
Runs great, looks great, I feel I got a lot more value than with other brands.
John E.
Would recommend this boat to anybody, great ride and speed. Craftsmanship of the boat Is great!
Paul M.
Love everything about the boat
Paul J.
I own a 2020 211 Platinum and absolutely enjoy It! Pound for pound a great all a round boat and no complaints at all.
David R.
The Sportsman Heritage 211 Is my first powerboat. It makes me feel like I am driving a Porsche on the water. It Is cool looking, has a powerful Yamaha 200, comfortable seating for my wife, friends and family. The electronics are loaded with Information and gives me the confidence to navigate and explore our new home In OBX. Our Sportsman Is a blast to operate...I can’t wait to get out on the water everyday! I am going to take It for a spin right now!
Bryan F.
Can't be Happier with Sportsman! A relatively smaller boat that handles and feels much bigger.
Donald H.
As a new boat owner, I am extremely satisfied with my Sportsman Heritage. The boat has a lot of extra bells and whistles that are standard. The sound system Is amazing and the Yamaha engine Is extremely durable.
Peter L.
Overall we are very satisfied with our boat. The quality Is top notch and the layout gives the appearance that It’s actually a much larger boat.
John H.
Overall a good family boat and a great fishing boat. The wife loves to drive It, handles great even In rough water.
Garin H.
The features and options available on the Sportsman Heritage 211 allowed us to customize a boat that meets our needs very well. After shopping around, we also feel that Sportsman offered the best value - easily assessed via the up-front Internet pricing. After receiving the custom build we have been very pleased with the fit/finish, ride characteristics and overall performance of the vessel.
Jeff S.
We love our Sportsman Heritage 211! It's been a great addition to our family for both Inshore fun trips and offshore cruising/fishing.
Brian B.
We love our Sportsman boat. Feel like we got an awesome deal on a phenomenal boat. Look forward to making many memories with my family on this vessel. Thanks so much.
Todd F.
Grew up on boats but this Is our first boat purchase. After comparing to several other manufacturers we chose Sportsman and have been very Impressed with the boat and company. My only complaint Is why did we wait so long to buy a Sportsman.
John M.
Our 211 Heritage has been a wonderful addition to our family. We have been fishing, wake boarding and meeting new friends at sandbars. The 211 checks all the boxes for us and look forward to being In the Sportsman family for a long time
Mark R.
Zero Issues! This Is an amazing boat!
Mark V.
I got the Sportsman Heritage 211 which really Is a great easy to trailer, drive and store boat. The quality excellent, much higher than a lot of other boats we looked It. It be platinum package stocked with features that make spending time with the family a lot more comfortable. Overall, I’m very pleased and would highly recommend checking them out.
William J.
We love our 2021 Heritage 211. Everything on the boat Is top quality, and their dealers are top notch for service during and after the sale!
Paul B.
My family and I purchased a 2022 Sportsman 211 Heritage for family recreation and walleye fishing on Lake Erie. The boat Is very high quality as described my Sportsman. It has plenty of power and features for fishing on Lake Erie or boating on our local lake. Everything Is quality from the fit and finish and hardware on our boat. After looking a similar brands we decided on Sportsman and glad we did.
Todd F.
I had to do a little research on Sportsman - I wasn't familiar with the brand. Once I got It on the water It has been amazing. Have a few others around me - Its like a secret club ! Boat Is well Priced - Includes all the options I needed and room to expand If I find myself needing more. I added a power pole and trolling Motor to my 211 Platinum. They fit nice on the boat and don't take up too much space. Boat Is very roomy for a 21ft. I highly recommend.
Pericles D.
From day one It's been great and what I was expecting from my new boat. Use It on the Inter-costal and In the Gulf - feel very safe and secure. All the features work great.
Benjamin P.
Went through the boat buying experience recently and ended up buying a Sportsman Heritage 211. The website was easy to use and navigate and we had a good experience with the dealer. 12 hours put on the boat so far and no complaints. Lots of great features and well built.
Alan F.
Our Heritage 231 Is beautiful, easy to use, practical, comfortable and so much fun to ride. I rather be on the boat than the beach. Looking forward to many great years boating on our 231! Sportsman Is the best boat period and certainly the best boat at that price point.
Wendell H.
This Is my first boat and I couldn't be more pleased. Easy to operate, able to fish offshore, nearshore, and Inshore no problem. Great for cruising and entertaining as well.
Jean F.
Seems like Sportsman Is not only a good boat/product, but they have backend support as well.
Patrick M.
Great boat to mix family trips along with serious fishing. Well engineered and excellent quality. Comes with many features that you have to pay extra for with other brands.
Kevin P.
We're extremely happy with our new Sportsman. After the first two months of getting out In the boat we've begun to appreciate all Its capabilities. The deeper V hull design the dealer told us about really Is noticeable when crossing the choppy water and white caps during rough days on Charleston harbor. The stability and smoothness Is much appreciated (mostly by our wives!) We got a great boat at, what we think Is, the best price out there.
John V.
Sportsman stood out as matching the attention to detail and craftsmanship from stem to stern. We are very pleased with our 231 Heritage for fishing, family cruising and recreation. The hull form creates a soft dry ride In a decent chop. The transom/bilge access Is awesome and the quality Is evident from the electrical wiring to the fiberglass work In bilge.
Michael S.
My Heritage 231 Sportsman Is the finest boat I’ve ever owned. It’s handling In rough water was surprising! It Is easy to get In & out of at the dock. Hard to believe how much power Is In the Yamaha 250; Amazing. Last trip loaded with 7 Adults, 70 gals of fuel onboard, and this crew brought everything you could Imagine; the boat had room to get around In & was getting 3 mi to the gallon @32 MPH.
Justin S.
Our overall experience was fantastic, we had been considering It for 3 seasons and finally pulled the trigger. Not one ounce of regret. Sales team, thank you!
Henry M.
We absolutely love out Heritage 231! Everything Is as good as advertised and we have added some additional options as well. From sales to service...unmatched professionalism!
Frank I.
Love my boat. While shopping, I compared It to almost everything on the market, and Sportsman was by far the boat I wanted.
James H.
Love my Sportsman 231 Heritage Platinum. Perfect for fishing, wake boarding and tubing or just going to dinner. Roomy and comfortable. 250 Yamaha Is an awesome powerhouse!
William G.
Excellent Boat! Great ride, does very well In typical Chesapeake Bay 3-4 ft chop at 3 second Interval. Best comfortable seating for 12 In a 23' boat. Highly recommend adding a thru-hull anchor windlass, 2nd Garmin display, Garmin radar, Yamaha XCA digital throttle control.
Luis S.
This boat Is Incredible - the attention to details Is really amazing. There’s so many little touches - and the little touches matter a lot - that It seems every time I go out I comment that these Sportsman builders are smart and boaters themselves as they knew to get rid of all annoyances - large and small. Only problem I have ... work gets In the way of boating.
Tyler S.
Enjoying our 2021 231 so far. Great fit , finish & value. Enjoyed learning more about the product & a great SC based manufacturer. Happy to be an SBO.
Kevin T.
Sportsman Heritage 231, all around great boat for fishing and family fun! Fit and finish Is outstanding. Rides like a dream!
Ken a.
My family loves our 231 Heritage. We use It for everything, from downtown cruises to offshore fishing. It’s a beautiful, well made boat.
Mark M.
I get a lot of compliments on how good the boat looks. I especially like the way It handles. I’ve owned other boats and the most Important thing for me Is how It handles. This boat responds very predictably. The controls are smooth and sure. It’s a pleasure to drive and dock.
Scott A.
So far I REALLY like the boat and haven't found anything to complain about. I like the features and the workmanship seems to be very good. The trailer seems to be tailor made for my Sportsman Heritage 231, and the boat fits It real well. Looking forward to spring!
Robert A.