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Available options for the 267oe-bay-boat

Available Options

Detail image of Dark Hull Color (Black)
Dark Hull Color (Black)
This is the full option for the Black hull colors. For more information on colors, visit the colors and materials page.
Detail image of Edson 13” SS Comfort Grip Steering Wheel w/ PowerKnob
Edson 13” SS Comfort Grip Steering Wheel w/ PowerKnob
The perfect combination of durability, good looks and soft feel. The ComfortGrip PowerWheel features a unique rubber finger grip that provides ultimate comfort and with the ComfortGrip PowerKnob make precision turns.
Detail image of Garmin GMR™ 434 xHD3 Open Array
Garmin GMR™ 434 xHD3 Open Array
This radar provides advanced features, including beam sharpening for target separation control and increased target detection capabilities. A great addition to any SportLink® package.
Detail image of Garmin GMR™ Fantom 18x Radome
Garmin GMR™ Fantom 18x Radome
The 18-inch, 50 W solid-state Garmin GMR Fantom 18 dome radar features MotionScope technology, which uses the Doppler effect to detect and highlight moving targets to help you avoid potential collisions. Fully integrated with the Garmin chartplotter.
Detail image of Garmin GMR™ Fantom 18x Radome (2nd Station)
Garmin GMR™ Fantom 18x Radome (2nd Station)
This option adds an additional mounting bracket for boats equipped with the second station as the regular mounting location for the dome is taken up by the second station.
Detail image of Garmin GPSMAP® 1243xsv 12 (2nd Screen)
Garmin GPSMAP® 1243xsv 12" (2nd Screen)
Adding a second screen duplicates all of the functions from the first screen and adds display real estate. Instead of having to split a single screen, you are able to split functionality across two full size displays. Keep in mind that all of the information is shared with both screens, meaning you are able to set each one to display exactly what you need.
Detail image of Garmin GXM™ 54 SiriusXM® Weather Antenna
Garmin GXM™ 54 SiriusXM® Weather Antenna
The GXM 54 SiriusXM® weather antenna lets you enjoy added confidence and peace of mind on the water by always having access to the most current weather conditions and forecasts. The antenna adds highly detailed weather information directly to the screen including current weather information, NEXRAD, lightning, water temperatures, wind and wave current conditions and forecast data.
Detail image of Gull Wings
Gull Wings
This gull wings option serves as an extension to the spray shield with additional triangular coverage for both sides of the console and it is designed to block off any spray from the side.
Detail image of Gunwale Rod Holders / Each
Gunwale Rod Holders / Each
Adds additional gunwale rod holders to your Sportsman.
Detail image of Half Tower w/ Second Station
Half Tower w/ Second Station
For the ultimate addition, opt in for the half tower option. This adds a full helm with instrumentation at the tower level with leaning post, trim tab controls, engine controls and an additional 9" screen that shares all of the same data as the rest of the system.
Detail image of Mastervolt ChargeMaster Plus 50 Amp Battery Charger
Mastervolt ChargeMaster Plus 50 Amp Battery Charger
The ChargeMaster Plus family is a complete range of battery chargers that provide both efficient and reliable performance in all conditions. This new generation of battery chargers offers multiple functions in one compact device. The ChargeMaster Plus reduces costs and simplifying the system and eliminating the need for additional battery chargers. The 'Battery's Best Friend' architecture enables the ChargeMaster Plus to charge any battery chemistry using the fast and safe 3-step+ charging method. Different battery sizes can be combined, as the pre-float functionality eliminates the risk of overcharging smaller batteries. The charging profile of the Lithium Ion battery is included, as well as flexibility for a customised, user-defined profile.
Detail image of On-Board Battery Charging System (2-Bank)
On-Board Battery Charging System (2-Bank)
Keep your batteries fully charged while you are away with this convenient trickle charger. The charger plugs into a regular 110V outlet and maintains the batteries fully charged by monitoring their charge, recharging as necessary. This is a 2-Bank battery charging system meaning all 2 batteries on-board will be charged simultaneously.
Detail image of On-Board Battery Charging System For Trolling Motor (3-Bank)
On-Board Battery Charging System For Trolling Motor (3-Bank)
For those looking to add the trolling motor option, this completes the required equipment to charge a 3 battery bank setup.
Detail image of Porcelain Head w/ Overboard Discharge & Pump Out
Porcelain Head w/ Overboard Discharge & Pump Out
This porcelain head option includes a freshwater electric porcelain toilet with overboard discharge. It has the convenience of just pushing a button to discharges the holding tank overboard. Making this a very easy and convenient way of having a fully functional toilet on your boat.
Detail image of Porta Potti
Porta Potti
This all-in-one system, has 2 separate compartments built in. The bottom most compartment contains freshwater for cleaning the bowl and the middle compartment holds any waste. It gets installed inside the head compartment with 2 brackets that secure it in place but comes apart easily for cleaning.
Detail image of Taco Outriggers - GS280
Taco Outriggers - GS280
With a rugged design, these outriggers will provide years of reliable service even in the most challenging saltwater applications. They feature a locking head and the latest in sleek and ergonomic shape. They are matched up to Taco's 15' poles and come with the basic rigging kit.
Detail image of Yamaha Auto Pilot
Yamaha Auto Pilot
Yamaha’s new autopilot provides many convenient features for boat control and operation. With the simple push of a button or taps on your compatible Multifunction Display, you can quickly plot out your journey, sit back and let the Helm Master™ EX Autopilot and Digital Electric Steering do their thing.
Detail image of Yamaha Helm Master EX (incl. Auto Pilot)
Yamaha Helm Master EX (incl. Auto Pilot)
Captains of offshore boats have already discovered the incredible ease and precision of Helm Master®. This fully integrated boat control system includes an enhanced binnacle control, a streamlined digital display, push-button start/stop switches and an innovative joystick. It’s the joystick that moves the large craft in surprisingly agile ways making navigating crowded marinas and docking in tight slips much less intimidating.
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