Heritage 261 Center Console · Specifications

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All of the technical specifications for the 261-center-console


26' 6"
9' 5"
Max Horsepower
Fuel Tank Capacity
182 gal.
Approx. Usable Fuel Capacity
164 gal.
Freshwater Tank Capacity
20 gal.
Transom Aquarium Livewells (x2)
16 gal.
Console Cooler
68 qt.
In-Deck Fish Boxes
112 qt. (x2)
Draft (up)
Deadrise at Transom
Approx. Dry Weight
5,668 lbs.
Approx. Bridge Clearance w/ Top
9' 4"
Approx. Bridge Clearance w/ Second Station Top
10' 8"
Yacht Certified
Overhead image of the 261-center-console

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the length include the engines or just the hull?
The length does not include engines. It is measured from the tip of the bow to the transom at the centerline of the boat.
Does the weight measurement include engines?
Due to this model being offered with many different engine packages, the engine weight is not included in the estimated weight. It also doesn't include fuel, water, gear or batteries.
What's the difference between tank capacity and usable fuel capacity?
Modern fuel systems require an air gap at the top of the tank to allow for expansion and contraction of fuel as temperatures fluctuate. This reduces the amount of fuel that can be fitted in the tank and is knows as ullage.
What does the "up" in Draft mean?
This denotes the amount of water the boat floats on with the engines "up" or completely out of the water.
What's the capacity of a Yacht Certified vessel?
All Sportsman Boats are NMMA Certified and under this certification boats over 26 feet are classified as Yacht Certified. This means that there is no explicit person capacity for this boat and it's the responsibility of the captain to operate within safe limits.
Some capacities shown are for optional items and may not be applicable to all boats.
Due to mandatory EPA regulations in fuel systems, usable fuel capacity can only be estimated and may not reflect real-world capacity.