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2019 Newport International Boat Show

We'll see you there!

Start Date Sep 12, 2019
Event Information
Dates & Times
September 12, 2019 10am-6pm
September 13, 2019 10am-6pm
September 14, 2019 10am-6pm
September 15, 2019 10am-5pm

Show Address
20 Commercial Wharf
Newport, RI 02840

Parking Address
175 Memorial Blvd.
Newport, RI 02840

Show Parking
The best place to park is at Easton’s Beach, located at 175 Memorial Blvd, Newport. Parking is $25 per vehicle and continuous shuttle service to and from the boat show site (approximately 1.6 miles) is available complimentary with the parking space. The parking lot and the shuttle service run 8am to 8pm daily.
A Parking Pass for the Easton’s Beach lot can be purchased at the beach entrance when you arrive, or in advance online. Click here to purchase ticket and parking in advance. (Parking Passes purchased online must be ordered at least 24 hours before the day you plan to attend the show).
Handicapped parking and shuttle service is available at the Easton’s Beach lot as well.

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