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2018 The Wharf Boat & Yacht Show

We'll see you there!
Location Orange Beach, AL
End Date Mar 25, 2018
End Date Mar 25, 2018
Event Information
The 2017 Wharf Boat and Yacht Show...

The Wharf Boat & Yacht Show
4851 Wharf Parkway, Ste. D118
Orange Beach, AL 36561
Phone: (251) 224-1900

General Admission - $10 Friday, Saturday & Sunday
Locals Day on Friday - $7 (with local ID)
Military Service Members - $7 (with military ID - active & retired)
Children (12 yrs old & under) - free

...produced record-breaking sales for many of the participating dealers. The show has become known for drawing qualified buyers from the Southeast to Orange Beach, AL every March.

Aggressive dealer pricing and strong manufacturer incentives available only at The Wharf Boat and Yacht Show are what converts potential buyers into new boat owners!

in March of 2017, participating dealers and yacht brokers loaded up The Wharf with a record of over $150 Million dollars in marine inventory for boating enthusiasts to enjoy. The collaborative commitment to display that many boats led to another year of sales exceeding $20 Million dollars at the show. Qualified buyers, unmatched inventory and high volume and high dollar sales all continue to prove that The Wharf Boat and Yacht Show is the premier boat show on the Gulf Coast.

As The Wharf Boat and Yacht Show event team prepare for the 2018 show, sales from the 2017 boat show are still taking place. In May, Doug Carter from Fairhope, AL closed on his new 26' Chris Craft Catalina 26 from Legendary Marine. "I saw the boat at The Wharf show and made a great connection with the crew at Legendary', said Carter of his third boat purchase. "Seeing that boat at the show is what started the buying process. There was an ongoing dialogue with Legendary from our introductions at the show until the day we closed in May."

"Doug's boat is just one example of a lead that comes from The Wharf Boat and Yacht Show that turns into a sale weeks and months after the show," said Drew Wilson of Legendary Marine. "Our team does a great job of following up with potential buyers from the show and building a relationship which will hopefully lead to a sale whether that is a week, a month, six months or a year after the show," continued Wilson. "The crucial part of building that relationship is having the opportunity to meet a qualified potential buyer, and that is what The Wharf Boat and Yacht Show does better than any boat show on the Gulf Coast."

The 2018 Wharf Boat and Yacht Show will take place March 22 - 25, 2018 at The Wharf in Orange Beach, AL