Boat Shows and Why You Should Be Going To Them

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Boat Shows and Why You Should Be Going To Them

In this post, we give you reasons why you should be attending shows (even if you already have a boat).

October 26, 2018
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In today's post, we are talking about boat shows. The marine industry spends billions of dollars every year in these massive trade shows. It is important to understand how you, as a consumer, can benefit from these shows. So today, we are tackling just that. We hope you enjoy it.

Boat shows allow you to see the newest models on display but they can also be a wealth of knowledge. Boat shows typically will host many new products reveal events, as well as, offer information and training. Keep in mind that all boat shows are different and let’s face it, that’s what makes them awesome! We have put together a few things you may expect from a boat show.


A boat show will almost always have some sort of seminar series. The seminars can range from boating safety to the latest fishing trends. Many of these expert-led seminars are free with the purchase of a ticket to the show. Plan your day around their start times and leave the show with a wealth of new knowledge.

Finding the Right Boat

The best way to know if you are getting the right boat for you and your family is to see it in person. Boat shows are a great way of seeing multiple models all in one spot. This allows you to do easy side by side comparison without driving across town. In our case, we have factory representatives on the floor ready to answer your deeper questions that your local dealer may not be familiar with.

Help Please

Boat shows will have all types of industry professionals in attendance. This gives every consumer the opportunity to ask specific questions, directly to the source.


The best way to learn something is with the “hands on” approach. Boat shows typically have great displays that allow you to touch and see the inter-workings of their product.

Boat shows can be a great way to bring the family together and see what boat is best. We hope to see you at a show soon. For a list of all boat shows we will be at, please visit our events page.

This was the Sportsman booth at Miami Boat Show in 2017