Staying Up To Date With Sportsman Gelcoat Colors

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Staying Up To Date With Sportsman Gelcoat Colors

Explore Sportsman's unique boat colors that stand out in any crowd. Committed to innovation, we regularly update our color range. Find our latest stock of gel coat for repairs or upkeep.

April 25, 2024
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Alex Levy
Warranty Specialist

At Sportsman, the unique colors of our boats are what set them apart in any crowd. As part of our commitment to ongoing innovation, we frequently update or discontinue certain colors for various reasons. Owning a boat means that at times, you'll encounter situations where you need gel coat for repairs due to accidents or general upkeep. Here's how you can find and order our current stock of gel coat:

Through Your Local Sportsman Dealer:

The easiest way to find our current stock of gel coat is through your local Sportsman dealer. They can order the specific color you need directly to the dealership. Alternatively, we can drop ship it straight to your house or marina. All current colors can be ordered through the factory in quart-sized containers.

For Smaller Amounts or Discontinued Colors:

If you're looking for smaller quantities of our current gel coat colors or need a color that we have discontinued, the best place to find our colors is on Spectrum Colors online.

How to Order from Spectrum Color:

1. Visit Spectrum Color Website

2. In the upper right corner, type in "Sportsman" followed by the exact color you are looking for.

3. Spectrum Colors offers various size quantities at reasonable prices.

Need Help Identifying Your Color?

template marking.

If you need assistance identifying your current color or a color on an older boat, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our award-winning customer service staff. They can help determine the color you have and the best option to get it to you. Thank you for choosing Sportsman. We are committed to providing you with the highest quality products and services for all your boating needs. Until next time friends tight lines and stay safe on the water.

To see all of our current gelcoat options check out our Design Studio where you can design your Sportsman Boat by choosing gelcoat colors, power coating colors and upholstery colors.