Tech Talk - How To Clean Your Seakeeper Gyro

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Tech Talk - How To Clean Your Seakeeper Gyro

In this episode we're going to be discussing how to properly clean your Seakeeper Gyro.

March 6, 2024
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Jordan LoNigro
Video Producer / Content Creator

Maintaining your Seakeeper Gyro is not only remarkably straightforward but also absolutely crucial to ensure its optimal performance. Today, we've got a quick and essential guide on keeping your Seakeeper Gyro in top-notch condition.

In this Tech Talk video, we are out on the open 282, cruising with the Seakeeper 1 Gyro. Now, pay attention because what we're covering today is crucial, especially for the Seakeeper 2 and Seakeeper 3 models that are not enclosed in a protective housing. Unlike the Seakeeper 1, these allow you to access the inside and take care of those internal components.

This task is a breeze. We're just giving it a light rinse. Turn your fresh water hose to the wide-spread pattern and just give your Seakeeper Gyro a light rinse down. No direct hits on any electrical components here, just a gentle rinse. Think of it as the equivalent of flushing your outboard motor. After a day of tearing it up in saltwater, flushing it with fresh water is a must to ensure all those internal parts stay in top shape. This principle applies here too, and trust me, it's just as straightforward as flushing your motor.

And that's pretty much it! Like I said - very straight forward. But be sure to remember to do this every once in a while or after a hard day boating out at sea to avoid any build up of corrosion.

Until next time!