Tony Gaskin - Straight from the Bayou to the Lowcountry

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Tony Gaskin - Straight from the Bayou to the Lowcountry

Fresh off the road from being gone for ten days straight.

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The professional tournament trail is hot! I am writing this blog with my suit case open. I say that because I am fresh off the road from being gone for ten days straight, fishing two events on different tours out of Hopedale Louisana.

The conditions were not favorable which has become the normal with wind and rain. We fished the IFA REDFISH TOUR event in 35-40 mph sustained winds all day and had to cut our day short by two hours as we fled when the lightning started popping all around us. The water around our boat looked like there was a helicopter hovering above our Sportsman Boat. Trust me folks standing on a elevated casting platform on a boat is not where you want to be in a storm unless you have an obsession with Benjamin Franklin. In this case holding a reel and rod would serve the same purpose as a kite and key. I have great admiration for all that relentlessly compete in adverse conditions. This time Mother Nature threw us a unexpected curve ball. To say there was no water is an understatement.

Perhaps I should explain for those who are not familiar. I have fished this area for several years so with that I have many favorite spots where I know I can get on good Redfish. In the bayou the wind has a great effect on tides and volume of water in these areas. This year the water was lower than I have ever seen, rendering all of my ponds and secret holes inaccessible. I feel like we finished respectfully considering our limited fishery as well as gained some knowledge on locating fish in different areas.

In addition I have a mouth full of crow so to speak relating to never say never. The point being I said I will never leave after a tournament to travel home. We were up at 3:30 am to launch for the last tournament of two. We fished hard all day and when done we were facing a eleven hour drive. The plan was to drive a few hours and then get a room for the nite. Before the crow, I already knew the chance of that happening was slim. There is either no vacancy or what's available is not in budget for my depleted wallet. So youth took over and my son did the deal. It was uncomfortable and I may have drifted off to sleep a few times. We laughed at the fact when I would wake up from the bumps and dips on America's fine roadways I would ask my son if he was ok as if I would take over if he wasn't. With all that I was happy about the decision when five miles from the comfort of home. All this effort afforded me a whole day and a half before putting what came out the open suitcase back in and on the road again. This time it's off to one of my favorite destinations.

Georgetown, SC is special to me due to many of my sponsors and countless friends in this storied historic town. Southern charm and fishing stories for as long as you will listen in a town that feels like time has put the brakes on. I have never been to a town where each time I come back I am treated as if I never left.

Along with the fact this is where I started my career as a Professional Redfish Angler. Maybe it's a lifestyle that is simply South Carolina. My primary sponsor SPORTSMAN BOATS is a short distance away in Summerville and I couldn't be more proud to say I represent this brand close to the manufacturing facility. The fact everywhere you look on the water is a Sportsman Boat proves the quality in people and product spreads for miles and miles. To say I feel at home here is comforting and a bit agonizing as it presents thoughts of living here with all the charm and friendship of its people.

Well folks time to zip the ole suitcase and get on the road. Thank you all for reading my blog and following my adventures on social media.

Until next time! Stay safe! and I will see ya on the water.

Tony "Redfish" Gaskin

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